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TYW Skipper


Position: Event


  • VIP access to all The Yacht Week events
  • Exciting out of office trips to explore local hidden gems
  • Experiencing new cultures in the name of work
  • Getting to meet and hang out with new people each day
  • Island pit-stops for breakfast, lunch & dinner
  • Waking up in the most spectacular places in the world
  • Being part of a small team whilst contributing to a global product

The Role

Are you an experienced and confident sailor? Someone who’s not afraid to step up and take the wheel? Do you love travelling and getting to meet people from all over the world? Are you enthusiastic and social? Most of all, are you up for an adventure?

If yes to all the above, you should be working as a skipper for The Yacht Week!

For prerequisites and more information check out to learn how you can apply to skipper academy.