Caribbean, Martinique & St Lucia Route

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The Carnival Islands

Explore two of the Caribbean's most vibrant cultures. From the French chic of Martinique to the carnival vibes of St Lucia. Hike up the world famous Pitons and dive down to coral reefs teeming with tropical sea life. Celebrate the arrival of 2022 in TYW style at Marigot Bay to the calypso sounds of the Caribbean.


Marigot Bay Beach New Year

Summit The Pitons

Circle Raft Party

Waterfall Hikes

Jungle Vibes at The Old Mill

Shoreside yoga

Diamond Falls Botanical Gardens

Sample the Saltfish

Rum Cocktails

Lucian Street Food

Natural Bay Swim Stops


Forrest Eco ATV Tour

Treetop Ziplining

Water Sports

Deep Dive

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