Nothing Like The Real World

It's the start of the new decade so make it one to remember. Escape reality and join the festival.



We know, we know it's that time of the year again, back to work after the holiday festivities and the January feels are hitting hard. Well we are here to stop you feeling so blue by taking you out for a week on the big blue. Get ready to escape reality and create a world you’ve only dreamed of with us on The Yacht Week.



The Yacht Week; the best of the best, the crème de la crème, the festival at sea that is ready to take you somewhere out of this world. With floating DJs and top-class destinations, it's an experience that is truly like no other. See below for more highlights you can expect on the week of your life.

10% Deposit

If you're like us and went slightly over budget on your Christmas spending and now can't even think about booking a holiday then we have the perfect solution. Our brilliant payment plan means you can book now and pay later - with a tiny 10% deposit you can secure the yacht of your dreams from just €50 per person.


For your week at sea the price includes: 7 nights accommodation aboard a yacht, a professional skipper to be your guide and teach you how to sail, The Yacht Week raft parties featuring headline DJs, access to all exclusive events and clubs, 5 different stunning islands to visit and a brand new family away from family.


Your very own concierge

If you are having trouble booking or need help with anything then our team of legends are at your service. Want to know which route would be the best fit for you? Or which yacht? Our dynamic duo can be your helping hand with any issues or questions that you have.


Lydia spent her whole summer out in Croatia in 2018 and has done back to back weeks on The Yacht Week so she really knows her stuff. Her favourite route is Greece as she loves sunset parties and her top tip for anyone going on The Yacht Week - bring a small duffle bag and don't overpack (you live in swimsuits and they don't take up much room).


Coming all the way from South Africa, the lovely Tommy has visited over 40 countries so is very knowledgable when it comes to travel and the best way to do it. His no.1 piece of advice to those considering The Yacht Week; 90% of returning Yacht Weekers get a host...numbers don't lie people!

Contact us

You can contact our team via email at or phone us at +44 1389 656 005. Or you can start an online chat by clicking the bubble in the right hand corner. Whichever way you choose, our team will always get back to you. It's time to start your adventure, sailors.