Add a Skipper

The Yacht Week skippers are trained sea dogs who know everything about our yachts, routes and docking like a boss. Think of your skipper as an extra friend aboard your yacht who will stay with you and your friends throughout the week. Friends need to be fed so please prepare meals for your skipper. Even though they are working, that doesn’t mean the skippers are not there to have some fun too. Be good to your skipper, and they will be good to you.  

What will the skipper do?

  • The skipper will do all the sailing and navigate your crew around the route

  • Take you to all the hidden gems along the way

  • Show you the ropes if you’re willing to learn

  • Be a pretty cool friend for the week

  • Be responsible for the yacht and all its equipment

Become a Skipper

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Answers Yes, we read your mind…

If you have chosen to have a skipper provided by us, the booking page will automatically withdraw 1 spot on the yacht so that the number of available spots you can see are for you and your friends. To see the maximum number of people allowed on the yacht see the yacht card.
The skipper manager will assigning skippers and hostesses up to 2 weeks prior to your departure.
No, unless there is a specific skipper you would like to request. They are normally assigned to the yachts 4-2 weeks prior to your departure and the bookers will receive an email with their contact details in case you want to get in touch.

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