Kick back, relax and leave it to a couple of Aussie dudes to kit you out this summer

Vacay is a boutique Australian swimwear brand dreamt up by fun-loving mates Corey and Jordy. And of course it all began on a beach in Mykonos. We met these lovable Aussies on our Ultra Route a few years ago. We were so impressed by the quality of their swimwear and we’re so excited to have finally joined forces with them as one of our Official Partners.


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β€œ It’s all very quintessentially Australian at Vacay which means you can expect a no-nonsense durability from their range ”


The Yacht Week 20% Family Discount

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You’ll be dry in 20 minutes in a pair of their shorts and look good doing it too, thanks to high quality polyester and a set of prints designed to give young men a chance to express themselves.


Their dedication to craft will free you up to do the things you love – like throwing on a linen shirt, running your hands seductively through your hair and heading from the beach to the bar in ultra slow motion – pretending you’re in one of their commercials.


For Corey and Jordy, it’s all about giving men the confidence to be themselves and enjoy life. If you’re looking for their hot fashion tips from the founders, Corey is currently rocking a pair of β€˜Milos’ – his favourite and inspired by six weeks exploring the Greek Islands. Old school Jordy is all about β€˜Mykonos’ – his favourite place on Earth and close to his Greek routes.


They might not like to pump their own tyres, but we’re seriously impressed. We're so delighted to have the boys on board with The Yacht Week.

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