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Croatia - Original Route

Croatia Original Route

Calendar icon Jul, Aug, Sep

Calendar icon 30-50 yachts per week

Described as a floating festival, this route is a gathering of summer-loving seafarers from around the world. Croatia’s serene seas and enchanting towns continue to call us back year after year.

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Greece - Athens Route

Greece Athens Route

Calendar icon Jul, Aug, Sep

Calendar icon 15-20 yachts per week

The land of day parties and delicacies. Bathe in hummus, sip strong ouzo and ride a donkey around ancient ruins. Greece truly is the perfect balance of relaxation and revelry.

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Italy - Sicily Route Sold out

Italy Sicily Route

Calendar icon Jul

Calendar icon 10-15 yachts per week

Fit for foodies and adventurers alike. Set just off the coast of Sicily, the Aeolian islands are an adults playground–vino and volcanoes galore!

Sold out

Caribbean - BVI Route

Caribbean BVI Route

Calendar icon Dec, Jan

Calendar icon 15-30 yachts per week

If palm trees, balmy days and chilled vibes are what you’re after; our Caribbean route set in the British Virgin Islands is perfect for you. When the sun sets the evenings get turned up a notch.

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Croatia - Ultra Route

Croatia Ultra Route

Calendar icon Jul

Calendar icon 50-70 yachts per week

This route will combine all the best bits of our Croatia Original route and give you access to our exclusive VIP area at Ultra, the best electronic music festival to have ever hit the shores of Split.

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Montenegro - Adriatic Route

Montenegro Adriatic Route

Calendar icon Aug

Calendar icon 10-20 yachts per week

New to our repertoire, this is the most dramatic sail-scape on TYW. With steep, craggy mountains covered in a dense canopy of firs and cedars plummeting straight down into the sea.

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Spain - Mallorca Route

Spain Mallorca Route

Calendar icon Aug, Sep

Calendar icon 10-20 yachts per week

Mallorca’s recent revitalisation as a sailing destination has put it back on the map as a must-see island in the Mediterranean. A true Balearic beauty, we’re pumped we get to explore it.

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