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planeFa'a'a International Airport (PPT) And Raiatea Airport (RFP)

Sail mythical French Polynesia

Let’s get lost together in a South Pacific dream as we bring The Yacht Week vibes to the tropical Tahitian islands. The perfect trip for our daydreaming explorers - experience turquoise waters with live reefs filled with the most extraordinary underwater creatures and coral, nourish your soul with the song and dance of the ancestral traditions of the Tahitian people, and of course - turn it all the way up with new friends at our one-of-kind signature parties.

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Fa'a'a International Airport (PPT) And Raiatea Airport (RFP)


Dance vibes

Best enjoyed with a rum filled coconut in hand, dance the day away barefoot in the sand


Look, no hands!

Sail stress-free - all yachts come with a TYW trained skipper

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Raiatea to Taha'a

Set sail for paradise



Meet your skipper at the marina and then set sail across a translucent lagoon surrounded by coral to the tiny island of Taha'a. Nicknamed “Vanilla Island”, Taha’a is shaped like a flower, but also is an immense natural greenhouse for the highly prized Tahitian vanilla orchid. The intoxicating scent of vanilla pervades the air in Taha'a, meaning this island is just as sweet as it sounds. Mix and mingle with your fellow yacht weekers and fall in love with the Tahitian people, over a traditional Polynesian dancing feast.


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Jenna Bobena

Every party and event we attended was planned perfectly and could not have been more fun and exciting !

Will Charlton

This was one of the best experiences I've ever had... Nothing I could say could do justice to how great the yacht week was!

Nicole Tinkoff

Events were always fun and well planned. I think the people of yacht week brought it up to a next level. It was so much fun- I can't wait to come back.