How it works

The Yacht Week Explained

Your very own skipper and hostess

Your professional skipper and hostess will join you on board throughout the week to make sure you have the best possible experience at sea.



    The Yacht Week skippers are trained sea dogs who know everything about our yachts, routes & docking like a boss. Their insider knowledge is gold. Think of your skipper as an extra friend aboard your yacht who will stay with you throughout the week.

Role of a skipper

What will the skipper do?

The skipper will sail and navigate your crew throughout the week, taking you to all the hidden gems along the route. The skipper's priority is your safety, and after that, to ensure you have the very best experience. Your skipper will show you the ropes if you’re willing to learn, and be a pretty cool friend for the week. Friends need to be fed so the onus is on you to both prepare and sponsor meals for your skipper.

Key qualities of a skipper

Official yachting license

TYW skipper academy

Local know-it-all

Best mate material

Reviews for skipper



    A hostess is the ultimate addition to take your week to the next level. The Yacht Week hostesses are trained sea chefs who will treat you to freshly prepared meals every day and even tidy up afterwards.

The role of a hostess

What will the hostess do?

The hostess will freshly prepare and serve all your breakfasts, lunches and two dinners during the week. On arrival, she will also sort the food shopping in line with her meal plan (accompanied by a crew member). You provide the funds, she'll provide the delivery! She'll also keep the common areas of the yacht ship shape. It's thirsty work, and the onus is on you to keep your hostess fed and watered throughout the whole week. The hostess herself may be optional but keeping her well-fed is not. Booked a cabin? Your hostess is included!

Key qualities of a hostess

Culinary genius

TYW hostess academy

Local know-it-all

Best mate material

Reviews for hostess


A skipper is €800 which is automatically included on your invoice. A hostess costs €650 and is optional.

As of 2018 it is mandatory to have a TYW skipper on board, therefore you cannot book with an in-crew skipper. Don't worry the skipper will always welcome your assistance when it comes to sailing!

Skippers and hostesses are usually assigned around 4-2 weeks prior to your departure. Once they are assigned you will receive an email with their details to get in touch prior to arrival.