A Balearic beauty

Mallorca’s recent revitalisation as a destination has put it back on the map as a must-see island in the Mediterranean. The dramatic coastline varies from mountains and cliffs in the west to expansive sandy beaches in the east. And the island is home to one of the world’s most beautiful capitals - Palma de Mallorca.


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[photo_grid destination="spain" photogridquote="The afternoon swim stop, accompanied by shrimp ceviche, fruity sangria & snorkelling in brighter water than any photo can capture." photogridquoteby="Lucy, Recce Leader"/]

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[typical_day title="A typical day in Spain" subtitle="Imagine 7 of these in a row! Each day bringing something entirely new" time1="9am" text1="Wake up with the sun and sound of waves–no Monday morning alarm clocks!" time2="9:30am" text2="Your morning shower is a salty swim in the Mediterranean" time3="10am" text3="Swap stories from last night’s PuroBeach experience as you feast on breakfast prepared by your hostess" time4="12pm" text4="Chill on the sundeck whilst your skipper sails you to a hidden bay for a lunch time swim" time5="2pm" text5="Continue sailing until the whole fleet drops anchor and together you create a pop-up floating DJ set" time6="4pm" text6="Dock at a new island for the night, hop off and freely explore the coastal town" time7="8pm" text7="Dress up for dinner and a cocktail or two with your crew in a seaside restaurant" time8="10pm" text8="Dance under the stars in an insane venue to the summery sounds of TYW’s favourite DJ"/]

[testimonial text="Ancient rural industries are experiencing a renaissance—including a Slow Food scene, replanted vineyards, and historic buildings transformed into small hotels high on style and service." textby="Condé Nast Traveler"/]

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and live on a yacht with friends. All are welcome—even if you've never sailed before.


different islands and hidden splendours for seven days on a set route.


somewhere different everyday to live DJs playing in the sun throughout your week.


to a growing community of international Yacht Weekers all following the same route.

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