Coronavirus & The Yacht Week

Your complete guide, along with the latest updates, news, and advice.

We know you have questions and we are here to help...


We understand you may be worried about this season with everything happening in the world. To help give you some security we are offering complete flexibility on your summer 2020 booking.


Here are your options:


• Move your booking to later this summer or to 2021. We are offering flexibility on dates and routes so that you can move to a week later in the summer or to 2021 and if you do drinks on your yacht will be on us if you rebook before your original departure date.


• Keep your booking as it is. If your week has not been postponed and you want to keep your booking as it is, you don’t have to do anything.


• Take a refund credit note. If you aren't sure what to do yet you can exchange your trip for a refund credit note which can be used on any The Yacht Week trip in the future. We have some incredible new routes ready to go for 2021.


• We're here for you. If you are concerned about your trip and would like to discuss your options, please email us on and we’ll be happy to help.


We promise to let you know a minimum of 30 days prior to the departure date of your trip if the event will go ahead or not. For up to date information on the status of each week check our Travel Advice page.



We have made the decision to postpone weeks 23-31, if this affects you your options and all the information can be found here. If you are part of the Ultra weeks then any information can be found here.


Following the decision to postpone June, we have an announcement from our team.



The Official Statement from Ultra Europe can be found here.


Can I postpone my trip?

We’ve been working away with our local suppliers to provide you with the flexibility and reassurance you need right now. We are able to offer you two options: hold tight in the hope your trip will go or to postpone your trip. We have a team standing by to help you to make changes to your booking – providing you a simple option to postpone your trip to a later date, should you wish. Please note, you can make date changes up to 60 days before your current trip is due to depart. The cancellation charges outlined on your original booking will still apply should you wish to cancel instead. If you postpone, you may also have flights to rearrange. Fortunately, many airlines have introduced new flexible date changing options to accommodate this unique situation, so do check with your airline to see what they can do for you too.

Will there be any fees?

If you decide to change your booking you will incur no admin fees. However, price difference charges may apply if you upgrade your yacht or choose a peak week.

What if I can't decide when I want to go yet?

If you’re not able to commit to a new date, or the dates currently listed don’t work for you, worry not. You can also postpone your trip and rearrange it later. Once the full range of weeks and yachts for 2021 are live for browsing, you will be allowed 1 free change to another week of your choice (price difference charges may apply if you upgrade your yacht or choose a peak week) before bookings open to the rest of the public.

I no longer want to travel; can I cancel and get a refund? Or… My work has banned travel, can I cancel and get a refund?

If you have not been told otherwise, your trip is currently hoping to go ahead as planned. Therefore the cancellation policy found on your booking will apply which is why we suggest postponing your trip instead (see above). Then you'll get to experience the best week of your life, even if you can’t do it right now.

When will I know if my trip has been postponed?

If there is a travel ban, border closure or advise against all but essential travel in your destination and we have no choice but to postpone the trip, we will contact you. The situation with Coronavirus is very fluid and UK Foreign and Commonwealth Office advice is changing on a daily basis. When your trip has been postponed, your booking is held securely with us for as long as you need. We suggest you also get in touch with your insurers to confirm if they can help cover any other costs you may have incurred as a result of this.

Why are you offering Refund Credit Notes?

We have been advised by our travel board ABTA that it is reasonable to offer guests a Refund Credit Note in place of a cash refund. As is standard across the travel industry in the UK, Refund Credit Notes have been introduced to replace immediate cash refunds, which are not feasible for many travel companies due to the large scale cancellations. You can read more about this on the ABTA official website.

If I want to keep my booking as it is?

If you are happy at the moment to keep your booking as it is then you don’t have to do anything, and of course if anything changes that affects your booking, we’ll be in touch to remind you of your options. Saves you being glued to the news.

Is my money safe if I’ve got a trip booked, or am about to book one?

Yes. We understand you might be wondering whether this is the best time to book a holiday. Happily, UK and European citizens are generally protected under the Package Travel Regulations. In non-legal speak this basically means that should your trip need to be postponed, you’ll be offered an alternative, including the chance to join another trip on any available date in the future. The supplier also needs to hold insolvency protection to cover refund and repatriation costs in the unlikely event of their financial failure before or during your trip. Good to know.

What happens if my flights are cancelled but the trip is still going ahead?

First of all you should contact the airline to confirm the options available to you, including alternative flights and/or refunds. We understand how frustrating this can be. Should you not be able to get to The Yacht Week you have booked, the cancellation policy found on your booking will apply, but do also consider postponing your trip and picking a new date (see above). You should also contact your airline and your insurance company to confirm the compensation options available.

What happens if I am denied entry to my destination?

We would encourage all travellers to check the travel restrictions in place for your destination, as some have specific restrictions depending on your place of origin or recent travels. The International Air Travel Association has a useful country by country guide.You should also contact your insurance company to confirm the compensation options available.

Do I have to pay my balance or can I wait and see what happens?

Unless we have informed you that your Yacht Week is not going ahead please follow the payment instructions on your booking to pay by the deadline for your booking as normal. If you wish to cancel or postpone your trip, you can review your options and contact our team to help with this.

What happens if there is an advice update to warn against travel while I am already in a destination?

Official advice in this scenario is: if you are able to leave, you should do so.
We will work with your local on-site team to facilitate this as soon as possible and keep you and your emergency contacts informed of the situation. You should also contact your travel insurance provider to confirm your options.

Should I buy travel insurance?

You should also always take out comprehensive travel and medical insurance as soon as you book. The coverage available to you in the event of coronavirus related problems will depend on the insurer and your individual circumstances, so do contact the insurer if you have queries.