• 10th Anniversary

A Decade of Discovery

This time, ten years ago, two young sun-burnt Swedes found themselves skippering or, in Erik’s case, hostessing for a well-known charter company in Croatia. As William and Erik’s bromance grew, so too did their dream to change the perception that sailing was a favoured pastime of the retired folk. So, with some golden nuggets of sailing wisdom and a bit of Swedish ballsiness, the pair quit their summer jobs and pitched The Yacht Week concept to their sun-deprived Scandinavian friends... news spread around the world like wildfire. Seeing its potential to go global, William relocated the offices to London and kindly asked Erik to put his theories on the space-time continuum to bed. Which, of course, he did not.

From 30 yachts booked in 2006, to 1353 in 2015: Watch the tale of two Swedes and their expanding team of sun chasers, unfold into the epic story of The Yacht Week. P.S. Apologies in advance for Erik's rap... or lack thereof.

The Yacht Week Story


Los Angeles

How better to celebrate than in the City of Angels with a White Party at the members-only 41 Ocean!? The sunniest 10th anniversary of the series went down an absolute treat. Thanks for coming!

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We blew out the candles in serious style with 600 Yacht Weekers all dressed to the 10’s in black ties and lovely dresses at London’s lavish In & Out Naval and Military Club.

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We went bigger than Swedish mid-summer and New Years combined back in the land where The Yacht Week all began. Thanks to everyone who came and conquered the dance floor.

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All dressed in white, we commemorated Australia day and our 10th birthday in a big way at the Watson's Bay Hotel. Thanks to everyone who came and made it an arvo to remember.

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