Access to our Parties

Why Do We Use Wristbands?

The Yacht Week Wristband is obligatory for entry to all of our parties, which are organised each night. Guests without the wristband will not be admitted entrance to the parties.

A reason we need to use The Yacht Week Wristband is to make sure that our guests are easily identified on site. Since the event is very popular we get many external guests that try to attend the events. Some people book yachts by themselves on the events that are fully booked. We need to make sure that no external guests are admitted to the events.

If we allowed external guests and yachts to the event we would have no control of the number of people involved. Every external yacht joining our route will cause problems as they will take your spot in the marina and make it even more busy and crowded.

How Much Does The Wristband Cost?

The wristband is complimentary to all guests across all of our events, just be sure not to lose yours or you’ll have to purchase another.