To Yacht or to Cabin, that is the question

So, you’re a hop, skip and a jump away from booking yourself onto the best week of your life; but you’ve fallen at the first hurdle. Do you commit to a full yacht or book onto a cabin with your bestie?

You can be as bougie or budget-conscious with these bad boys as you like. They’re the fully-customisable accommodation option that can be moulded to you and your crew’s specific needs; add AC, pick your hull type (monohull or catamaran) and select the living space that’s right for you. Yachts are 100% the way forward if you want best value for money and a touch more control when it comes to selecting the people you want to spend your week with. Host up to 12 of your nearest and dearest on your floating home or alternatively, if you want more boat for your buck but can’t get your friends to commit, you can use our handy crew finder tool to fill up any free spots on your yacht. It’s that simple.

People jumping into water from yacht

Let’s get the facts straight

So, you’ve decided that a yacht is right for you, but what on earth is a catamaran? Or a monohull? And how many people can you invite? Read on and all will be made clear.


from €500 / person


  • Be first on the dance floor with these speed demons of the seas
  • It's streamline shape means for a smoother sail
  • Cozy, below-deck living area
  • Suitable for any budget

Best for

  • Those after speed, sailing and value


from £887 / person


  • Great for hosting meet and greets with other crews on your week
  • Slow and stable - the ultimate chill vessel
  • Larger living space and open fronted kitchen
  • Up to three sun-lounging areas to choose from!

Best for

  • Larger crews looking for luxury and space for their week

Available on:

Included with all bookings



The skipper will sail and navigate your crew throughout the week, taking you to all the hidden gems along the route. Skippers priority is your safety, and after that, to ensure you have the very best experience.


Fully equipped kitchen

Cross pots, pans and cutlery off that packing list guys - we have that covered. Just bring your cooking skills or lean on one of our friendly hosts for assistance.


Towels & bed linen

Bedsheets and towels take up valuable luggage space. Thankfully we have linen covered and provide one sheet and one bath towel per person.


Stereo speakers

Most yachts come with stereo speakers so you can crank up the tunes on the big blue.

Cabin bookings open November 14th