Kastela Marina

9.4 km from Split International Airport SPU. Getting there

- Car park: This marina has got a guarded car park, €50/week
- Luggage storage: This marina has got luggage storage, €14 per luggage and week
- Supermarket: Konzum, 5 min walk from the marina

Kastela Marina

Cesta Franje Tuđmana
21213 Kastel Gomilica

Better Payment Terms

If you book this yacht, you will get 1 days to pay for your booking. For Yacht Week events that are closer than 58 days from the day of booking we normally require payment in full within 24 hours.

The 1 day offer is limited to some specific yachts, so make sure to book yours now to make use of this offer. Read more about our standard payment terms here.

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