Where we came from

Back in 2006 we were just a bunch of uni friends who wanted to go sailing and explore far and wide. Today, we’re still that same bunch of friends, only now there are 70,000 of us. And our loving family just keeps getting bigger. We have forged a community from adventurous spirits, vast open waters, and a host of musicians, collaborators, sailors and revellers.

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There’s a lot more to The Yacht Week than just...24 hour partying. From discovering secret caves in Montenegro, to sea side yoga in Croatia... get ready to start ticking things off your bucket list.



Perhaps you’ve heard about this thing called The Yacht Week, an exclusive seven-day, spring break-like flotilla for kind-of grownups that involves sailboats, exotic locales, and hard-partying young people from around the world.

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There’s no such thing as a typical week. But every week includes sunshine, good vibes, new friends, raft parties, local flavours and hidden gems suggested by our brilliant skippers.



With new destinations to explore each day, constant ocean views, and sunny skies, The Yacht Week promises an exhilarating offshore experience.

Our friends

The Ski Week

The Ski Week is a series of week-long boutique ski festivals which take place in handpicked mountain towns across the world. From open-air après-ski parties to morning snow yoga, every element of skiing is celebrated by a melting-pot of mixed internationals.

Day 8

Day 8 is the community where the memories and friendships from The Yacht Week and The Ski Week live on. It's a place for sharing travel recommendations, organising reunions and getting inspired to see, do and experience new things. The end of your week is just the beginning.


Launched out of the simple understanding that friendly, high-quality service aboard a yacht is key to any successful trip at sea. Quarterdeck offers a new, dynamic way of training maritime staff, one that is current and industry relevant. Quarterdeck train all The Yacht Week Skippers & Hosts to ensure they are of the highest standard for our guests.

Sea Going Green

Their mission: to empower the tourism industry to protect the marine environment and its biodiversity. We are currently working with Sea Going Green to try and alleviate the negative impacts we may have on the beautiful marine environments we visit. We, like them, want to embed a culture of respect for the integrity of the ocean within our community.