DAY 3: Discover Croatia with Your Skipper

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Posted on 2nd April 2012

The sea is calm and a turquoise blue... the land is waiting to be discovered by you... secret tunnels run throughout the island.... and the nightlife is booming with energy... no wonder it’s one of The Yacht Week’s most popular destinations. With your very own Yacht Week skipper, you can discover Croatia by sea and by land.  At The Skipper Academy, the cultural tours form part of the learning process.  The skippers are taken on daytime and nocturnal tours throughout the different destinations along the route to learn about the many secret spots of the still untouched Croatian land. Do you want to escape to an abandoned castle by day to see some of the most amazing views? Or perhaps, you’d like to enjoy an evening with your crew and skipper in one of Croatia’s wine cellars hidden deep within the mountain’s secret tunnels... [margin10] Croatia still has, since their construction in the Second World War, secret tunnels that run throughout the islands.  Vis is one of the destinations on the South Route the skippers can guide you to especially if you don't want to miss the secret tunnels and enjoy an evening of wine and food deep within a mountain. [margin10]

Day 3: Catching up with those on the Academy

Name: Mate Bedrica, Instructor Age: 20 Nationality: Croatian Favorite place to sail: Kornati, a Croatia destination on the North Route Something you cannot live without on a boat: Food, lots of it When you’re not sailing you are: Working as the Event Manager on the Croatia North Route Why does Croatia work so well with TYW: The Yacht Week culture loves the exotic places that Croatia has to offer.  The Croatian lifestyle is very relaxed, but at the same time offers crazy parties by night [margin10] Name: Jonti Salisbury, Trainee Age: 23 Nationality: English When did you start sailing: 7 years old When you are not sailing you are: A student at Leeds while working on the punts in Cambridge, giving tours up the river Which Yacht Week event would you like to skipper: The BVI's and the Croatia South Route Croatia is: Surreal [margin10] Name: Jens Martin, Trainee Age: 22 Nationality: Danish I want a: Mixed crew, a very cultured group of positive people When you are not sailing you are: Studying to become a climbing instructor The Yacht Week in one word: MUST Croatia is: unlike anywhere I’ve ever been. [clearboth]

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