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Yacht Week

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Posted on 27th February 2014

What to pack...

Lots. Your bikini is going to be your daily uniform, and you wouldn’t dream of wearing the same outfit two days in a row at work – so pack a different one for each day. You’ll need pieces for: Tanning days on the deck – think itsy bitsy, teeny weeny bikinis if you can get away with them. String bottoms and strapless styles will ensure maximum bronzage and minimal tan-lines (No they’re not a marker of how far you’ve come – they’re just déclassé). What to pack image 1 Watersports and games on the beach – you might want to think about a little more coverage to avoid flashing everybody. If this is secretly the goal however… go ahead and get on that surfboard in the tiniest piece of string you can find. What to pack image 2 Loungey beachside bars and glamorous photo ops. A cutout one-piece or embellished bikini is designed for showing off. Sheer beaded kaftans, a chiffon scarf or even a fine textured wool cover-up will come in useful to drape around your shoulders as the sun goes down, or wear around your waist if you’re feeling self-conscious at lunch. WTP image 3
Sunburn doesn’t suit anybody, cancer even less.
There ain’t no party like a Yacht Week Party. Make sure you get noticed with plenty of eveningwear in bright, summery colours and eye-catching prints. Metallics work in the sunshine, as do light, breezy fabrics. Thick body-con fabric does not.

What not to pack...

Yes, they make you look thinner, and we know – they add those ultra important extra inches but stilettos + sand just equals disaster honey. They wreak havoc on our beautiful wooden decking too. Flip flops and a fresh pair of Sperry Top-Siders are all you’ll need. Wedges if you must.
Hard suitcases
See above point about wooden decking. Soft cotton or canvas bags work best people. Lighter baggage = more weight for clothes and accessories too!
Entire Bathroom Cabinet
Sorry Essex, but thick, heavy make-up, false lashes, fake tan and hairspray just doesn’t cut it at TYW. Pack a lightweight tinted moisturizer, mascara and some pretty pink cream blush and rock the naturally sun-kissed, “no make-up” look. Embrace what your mama gave you girls!
You’re on holiday. You’re in the middle of the ocean. Leave it all behind, switch off from life back home, breathe deep and live in the moment. WTP image 4

Join The Yacht Week this summer in Croatia, Greece and Italy - Thailand in December - British Virgin Islands for New Year, Spring and early Summer sailing.

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