Sicilian Style: What The Summer Taught Us

Yacht Week

By Yacht Week

Posted on 21st August 2014

Sicily's Aeolian islands: where coastlines dotted with white villas sit before a backdrop of billowing volcanoes and forgotten towns rub shoulders with hip-hideaway resorts.

Hopping from island to island provides a perfect opportunity to cleanse your mind, fill you lungs with sea air and, of course, dress with stylish, carefree nonchalance.

The Yacht Week Italy established a bohemian vibe as the undertone of this summer's style. The LWD (Little White Dress) became a clear wardrobe essential; guests paired white ensembles with exotic floral headbands and a slicks of red lipstick for a glamorous finishing touch

If anywhere screams for your own interpretation of the 70's vibe this season, it's the otherworldly streets of towns such as Panarea and Lipari. Panarea's club Raya creates a perfect backdrop for hazy summer dressing. Long skirts, wide legged trousers and paisley patterns capture the isle's bohemian glamour.

For those looking for a mid-week wardrobe refresh, Panarea's a'Biddikia is a stylish little boutique stocking numerous boho chic pieces. A leaf through the brand's brochure states 'Qui un abito a'Biddikkia diventa lo speciale souvenir di un'isola magica' ‘An a’Biddikkia outfit is the special souvenir from a magical island’ As well as dresses (abiti), the shop stocks twinkling bejeweled sandals and on trend swimwear.

Guests saved their best threads for the route's final beachside soiree at Ristorante Dejavu. The venue boasts a charming giardinetto where oleanders and bougaivillas bloom under palm trees. Guests fuel up for a night of partying under the stars sampling Sicilian specialties. Flat shoes were swapped for towering heels and wedges with exotic patterns.

In short, life on a boat doesn't mean leaving your finest pieces at home, though thinking carefully about what you need is a must. Pack accessories that can take a look from day to night. Don’t forget a pair of heeled shoes; even dockside dressing occasionally calls for you to forgo your flats. Relish the opportunity for the ultimate style escapism miles—literally and figuratively—from the daily grind.

Click here for more information on the Aeolian Route in Sicily, Italy.

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