Screw the Crew, Go as Two

Yacht Week

By Yacht Week

Posted on 14th November 2016

Keen to go on The Yacht Week but don't have time to gather a whole crew? Or maybe you just want to travel with your best friend, because let's be honest nothing strengthens the bond of friendship like being in a foreign place together. Instead of booking a whole yacht, you can book a 2-person cabin on a yacht which comes with pretty much everything included for the week (minus the getting there bit) ? 



Cabins are the hassle free option and are best suited to people who crave the easy life. All you need to do is grab a friend (guy or girl) and pick your paradise: Croatia, Ultra Europe, Greece or Caribbean. Depending on what route you choose, you could sail in a fleet of up to 50 yachts. 

We will place you and your travel buddy on a mixed yacht with up to 8 other cabin bookers including your skipper and hostess. Food for the week (breakfast, lunch & 2 dinners) will be ready and waiting on your yacht as you arrive. See what else is included in the price here




If you have other friends who want to book a cabin, you can request to be on the same yacht and we will try our best to pair you up. Two weeks before the event starts you will be introduced to the other guests on your yacht, as well as your hostess and skipper, and have the chance to connect with them. You will also be able to see the yacht you will be sailing on, these are normally 40-45ft monohulls. 




Keen? Secure your cabin at 6pm on the 23rd November when we open the gates to the world. But act quick cause cabins sail out fast ? If you're concerned about breaking the bank, it's worth mentioning that you can pay half first and the rest later, and as the saying goes–travel really is the only thing you can buy that will make you richer. 

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