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Posted on 17th April 2018

Bays for days

Often find your mind wandering to days spent reclining on golden sands, expending minimum amount of effort in order to top up your sun cream and mojito? If you’re a self-proclaimed beach bum ? then you’ll be happy to know that we hit some hella beautiful beaches and bays across all of our routes and we aim on keeping them that way. On Earth Day we cleared 1000kgs of waste from 2 bays in Croatia! Watch our clean up. 

From the black sands of Italy’s volcanic bays to the soft white sands of the Caribbean islands. We’re lucky enough to visit them all! ✨

And you can too.

A few favourites:

1. Zavala Beach, Croatia 

Zavala Beach found in Hvar. This one is a little trip out of the main town of Hvar. Take a scooter, a cab or hire an open top beetle and explore off the beaten track. The crystal clear water is so calm it’s like a landscape mirror. There's little there apart from one or two local restaurants and bars. Peace of mind ✌ is what you’ll find.

2. Stiniva Beach, Croatia 

Stiniva Beach, a white pebble cove framed by towering cliffs and hidden beneath the southern slopes of the island of Vis, was named the top beach in Europe for 2016 by the Brussels-based tourism organisation European Best Destinations. And it's no wonder why. The beach itself can only be reached by taking a hike down a steep and narrow path or by taxi boat from the nearby cove at Rukavac. This natural beauty is not to be missed.

3. Love Bay, Greece 

The ever so charming Love Bay, found in Poros, remains one of our favourite bays to date ❤ Heaven truly is a place on earth. Play water-volleyball with your crew or stretch out in a hammock and shelter beneath fragrant pines. The choice is entirely yours.


4. Miločer Beach, Montenegro:

Along the 2km stretch of Montenegro’s coastline that comprises Sveti Stefan, pink sands scattered with shells frame the distinct blue waters. Miločer Beach is surrounded by 18 acres of park containing exotic flora ? This one’s a dinghy ride away from your yacht should you want to go and see its rugged beauty in person.

5. Virgin Gorda, British Virgin Islands:

With over 60 different islands to choose from in the British Virgin Islands, there are plenty of beach spots for everyone. All with prime sunset views ? Virgin Gorda's north shores are an absolute must-see. Enormous granite boulders form a canopy over sheltered sea pools, with magical grottoes and caves for exploring ?

6. Jost Van Dyke’s White Bay, British Virgin Islands:

Named after an early Dutch settler and former pirate, Jost Van Dyke is renowned for its rugged scenery and magical folklore. White Bay is the anchorage furthest west on the south side of Jost. It's also every bit the classic Caribbean beach. The bay is protected by a coral reef teeming with marine life, the perfect spot for snorkeling. And jumping in ?  No voyage to Jost Van Dyke is complete without a stop here.

7. Anegada, British Virgin Islands:

Anegada is island life to a T. It is, in fact, the only coral island in the Virgin Islands' volcanic chain and is therefore characterized by its flat appearance and the exotic coral reefs that surround it. Find secluded sandy beaches and clear springs bubbling from coral beds here. There're even goats wandering wild ?

8. Porto di Ponente, Italy:

Vulcano’s black sand beaches, otherwise known as Porto di Ponente, are known worldwide for their natural purity, indescribable beauty, and shimmering appearance ?

Meet us at one of the above ☝

? May your hearts be full and your soles sandy.

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