What does a year working The Best Job Ever look like?

Yacht Week

By Yacht Week

Posted on 20th September 2019

If you and your favourite travelling companion (your cam ofc) are the selected dynamic duo for The Best Job Ever, this is essentially what your year would look like.

FEB 2020 | TSW Canada "the ultimate roadtrip"

Lights, Canada, action! You'll be exploring three legendary ski resorts (Big White, Revelstoke, SilverStar), shooting epic campouts at every mountain, meeting travelling adventurers from all over the world, and redefining the concept of #vanlife on a visual and literal journey measured in mates and not miles.

MARCH 2020 | TSW Austria "the original"

The quintessential Austrian alpine experience, designed with the adventurer’s touch. You'll be staying in gorgeous chalet apartments, capturing footage of miles upon miles of jaw-dropping terrain, skiing centre stage to the dance-floor every day to catch guests dropping low, and dancing your way through the sunset in your ski boots with new friends from around the world. Austria is the perfect opportunity to embrace European alpine traditions and discover the secrets of mountain life.

APRIL 2020 | TSW Aspen "spring skiing"

You'll be living the mountain dream under blazing blue skies, dining at huge long-table banquets, and out-dancing the sunset every day - all with your cam to hand. The legendary peaks of Aspen Snowmass are the perfect gateway to experience the North American ski world and the perfect backdrop to showcase what The Ski Week is all about; a week-long outdoor celebration of life, travel, and adventure.

APRIL 2020 | TYW BVI "sail to a tropical nirvana"

Time to mix things up, swap those beanies for board shorts or a bikini and crank up the heating a touch. You'll be sailing to the Caribbean tropics this spring, undeniably one of the world's most beautiful shooting locations. Dive deep on the lookout for hawksbill turtles, listen to the local's stories and swim to sunken ships off the shores of sprawling white-sand beaches with sailors near and far. Do Mother Nature, and us, proud and catch her in her best light.

May 2020 | Quarterdeck Academy

Get your sea legs under your belt and learn how to sail from the very best within the industry. We'll be sending you to Quarterdeck Academy on an intensive 8-day course so you can tell the difference between a stern and a bow and a mast and a boom.

May 2020 | TYW Croatia "the home of the floating festival"

The summer season officially begins... now. Featuring yachts aplenty, you'll be abiding by the carpe diem mantra and aiming to live life to the fullest. Creatively and otherwise. Exploring hidden coves, eating at the finest of restaurants and partying until dawn with new pals. Croatia's serene seas and enchanting towns create the perfect stage for an insane event and you'll be hard-pushed to not fall in love with this creative playground.

June 2020 | TYW Greece "from ancient to amped up"

Let us introduce you to Croatia's little sister. It's the same vibe, different destination. You'll be hopping on the back of scooters on island adventures, mooring up in secluded bays for afternoon swim stops and shooting sunsets like you've never seen before. Golden hour looks good on Greece.

July 2020 | TYW Montenegro "the rugged route"

This route provides the most picturesque of sailing spots. You'll be exploring charming coastal towns, capturing the sun setting over cerulean waves and filming the festival in full-flow – yoga and party.

As far as a year goes - not too shabby, hey? Let's hope there're plenty of empty pages in that passport for stamping purposes. Apply for the best job ever now.

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