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Staged atop brilliant blue waters

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Irma update

Following the effects of Hurricane Irma in the British Virgin Islands we have taken the decision to cancel our New Year's Eve events due to take place from the 27 December 17 - 10 January 18. The islands have suffered extensive damage and unfortunately the infrastructure will not be rebuilt in time for us to run the event.

We are continuing to consult with our partners on the islands about when it will be possible to return to the destination and we aim to do so as soon as the conditions are right.

We have reached out to all guests with existing bookings offering a full refund for their trip. If you have not been contacted please get in touch with us at

If you would like to help the islands recover we have set up a fundraiser to help the people of the islands rebuild their livelihoods. All monies raised will be donated to Virgin Unite.

Any further questions should be directed to

I'll never forget what I felt in this moment, the freedom from life, the joy of life, and the friendships I made for life on this trip! Thank you The Yacht Week

@dr.blakeeyres, 2015

Example Route

This is an example route. A detailed itinerary of your week will be released 2 weeks before the event.


A few of our favourite things to do in the British Virgin Islands


Soggy Dollar Beach Bar

Laze beneath the palm trees and sway to calypso

Lobster BBQ

An authentic Caribbean feast

Seaside yoga

Yoga with sand between your toes

The Baths

A network of rocks creating a maze of natural pools

Dance at CocoMaya

A cocktail bar with a killer view

Little Necker Island

A tiny breathtaking island, perfect for a lunch stop


The underwater world in the BVI is spectacular!

Party on Willy T’s

Dance on a pirate ship

Route stops

We will be island hopping between these stops throughout the week.



The capital of the British Virgin Islands. We set sail from Hodge’s Creek Marina


Take a transfer to the opening party in Trellis bay on Beef Island


An incredibly low island appearing as a mirage on the ocean


Home to Soggy Dollar Beach Bar and famous for Painkiller cocktails


Celebrate the end of the week on Willy T’s pirate ship


Famous for The Baths, a beautiful maze of rock pools and beaches

Parties? Check. Islands? Check. Boatloads of similarly minded folk up for some booze-fuelled jokes? Check, check, check

Escapism, 2016

What to expect at every event


and live on a yacht with friends. All are welcome—even if you've never sailed before.


different islands and hidden splendours for seven days on a set route.


somewhere different everyday to live DJs playing in the sun throughout your week.


to a growing community of international Yacht Weekers all following the same route.

Answers To Your Questions

Yes, we read your mind…

The exact routes are set a few weeks before the event starts. As soon as the routes are set, you will be able to view it on your booking. If you are booking with other yachts, you must ensure all yachts are booked from the same marina to ensure your group will remain together for the duration of the week.

All yachts in the British Virgin Islands will depart from Hodges Creek Marina. It is located just outside Road Town.

We recommend to get to the marina at 1pm. Then you will have time to register with us, do the check-in with the yachting company and the food shopping before you get your yacht. The yachts will stay in the marina on the first night and set sail on Sunday morning. You will get back to the marina on Saturday morning and have to check out and leave the yacht by 9am (please note that you might not receive your cash deposit until 11am), so don't book any flights until late Saturday afternoon or evening. Note that some events may start and end on a different day (like New Year and week 1), so please check the details of your trip carefully.