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Posted on 5th June 2020

Want to know the real secret to having the best time on The Yacht Week? Meet our amazing hosts. Yes, booking one of our friendly foodies means you can relax, knowing that your meals are taken care of all week long. From waking up to a fresh and delicious breakfast to having a drink ready for you at sunset, The Yacht Week hosts make every day extra blissful. Check out some of our amazing hosts who could be sailing with you this summer! Thinking about becoming a host on The Yacht Week? Check out Quarterdeck's training academy!

Georgia Winch

How many years have you been a host on TYW? This is my second year as a host! Who or what inspired your passion for cooking? I started cooking when I was super young and learnt most of what I know from my family. I grew up in a super food oriented Asian family, always baking and cooking up a storm. From there on I just always enjoyed cooking for myself and my friends, and as it started to become part of my professional career I realised my passion could become part of my job!

What is your favourite cocktail? It would have to be a Margarita. I’m not a sweet drink girl anymore, and a margarita is just the perfect mix of sweet, salty and sour.

Which song always transports you back to summer? It’s either got to be Opus, Eric Prydz, takes you right back to the centre of carpe diem crouched on the floor ready to jump up and dance, or a classic Sun is shining, Axwell x Ingrosso, straight back to bouncing up and down in dingy meeting. Where is your dream travel destination? Currently Japan is top of my list, my sisters have been twice and I just love seeing such a different culture to the western world, it looks like a lot of fun plus of course I would want to eat all of the Sushi! Other than that Bali and Bora Bora would have to be up there too.

Which country is your favourite cuisine? This is very hard question, because I honestly love every cuisine but it would have to be anything Asian. If I had to pick one asian cuisine out of them all it would have to be Korean, you just can’t get better than a Kimchi pancake. But Thai is runner up by millimetres.

Any favourite moments from TYW? The last day of the season in Greece was beautiful, we left early to head back to the marina, watched the Sunset and happened to be the only time I saw dolphins that season. However, honestly TYW reunion last year, was one of the best nights, there was torrential rain and poured it down, everyone was soaking wet but just carried on partying and having and amazing evening.

Simon Sjogren

How many years have you been a host on TYW? I’ve been a host since last year and done 12+ yacht weeks charters

Who or what inspired your passion for cooking? I guess my my love for food has always been apart of my family and upbringing and it’s always came naturally

What is your favourite cocktail? My favorite cocktail would probably be a espresso martini (classic yacht week staff drink)

Which song always transports you back to summer? Obviously it can only be one song and we all know which one! Love tonight - Shouse (David guetta remix)

Where is your dream travel destination? My dream travel destination would probably be a battle between French Polynesia and South Africa

Which country has your favourite cuisine? Favourite cuisine right now would most likely stand between Italian and Indian! Both are amazing

Any favourite moments from TYW? My first ever tunnel raft is a memory I keep close to my heart! All my friends and colleagues hanging out enjoying each others company!

The Yacht Week hosts Cara Whiteman CREDIT Cara Whiteman

Cara Whiteman

How many years have been a host on TYW? Three years, now going into my fourth. Not sure if I can ever see myself stopping.

Who or what inspired your passion for cooking? My mum. She began to teach me to cook from a young age but sadly passed away when I was a teenager. So I made it my goal to carry on learning! It has taken me so many places I never even dreamed of.

What is your favourite cocktail? An espresso martini. It's the perfect dessert and gives me the energy to dance all night long.

Which song always transports you back to summer? Body by Loud Luxury feat. Brando. Such a feel-good song and a true TYW anthem.

Where is your dream travel destination? The Galapagos! I'm an ocean and shark fanatic and that place comes in on top of everywhere for that. I hope I can get there soon before it's slowly destroyed like the rest of this beautiful planet.

Which country has your favourite cuisine? Mexico every time! I love spice and all the different variations, fresh vegetables and herbs. I also just love the country overall - they have a great culture that made me feel excited yet relaxed all at once.

Any favourite moments from TYW? This is far too hard to answer. I honestly don't know if there are any unmemorable moments on TYW. Every day (and evening), when I am at the TYW events, dancing under the stars with some of my best friends on the planet along with a whole bunch of new friends I've only just made, and you look around and see everyone smiling ear to ear to a song that reminds us of the past years... that moment every single day, I think to myself - how did I get so lucky?

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