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Posted on 18th July 2020

Tropical packing list swimwear The Yacht Week BVI CREDIT James_Patrick-142_picmonkeyed If you’re lucky enough to be joining us for The Yacht Week BVI - either for an epic NYE or a banging first week of 2021 - then here’s the tropical packing list you need to ensure you’re all prepared for your Caribbean adventure. From party outfits to power adaptors and polarised sunglasses, we’ve got you covered.  Tropical packing list group The Yacht Week BVI CREDIT James_Patrick-173_picmonkeyed


  • Swimwear: you're on the sea for seven days so pack multiple swimsuits. Thankfully, they don't take up much space. 
  • Shorts: bring at least two pairs, especially if one is denim as they can take ages to dry once wet.
  • T-shirts: tank tops, T-shirts, crop tops, halters, you name it. Gotta have a few tees.
  • Cover-ups: something easy you can throw on with your swimwear. Think loose shirts, sarongs, kimonos and lightweight dresses.
  • Lightweight sweater and/or jacket: the evenings can be cool, so pack something warm.
  • Casual eveningwear: easy, breezy dresses or shirts and shorts for restaurants.
  • Sleepwear: keep it lightweight.
  • Shoes: bring two pairs of flip-flops, sandals or slides plus one pair of closed-toe shoes, like trainers or boat/deck shoes.
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Parties to pack for

  • Disco Glam: think studio 54, Bowie self expression, Grace Jones glam, sparkles, sequins and disco pants.
  • Beach Chic: just like our Riviera Chic parties but with a boho beachy twist.
  • Caribbean Tropical Retro: be bold with lush prints and match the vibrant colours of your tropical location.
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Activities to pack for

Tropical packing list sunglasses The Yacht Week BVI CREDIT Asa.Steinars_131_picmonkeyed

Key gear

  • Duffel bag (or similar): leave your hard suitcase at home and pack everything in a soft bag like this to maximise space on in your cabin.
  • Day bag: a small backpack or crossbody bag for trips on land.
  • Beach towel: we provide a bathroom towel but you don't want to get saltwater on it.
  • Sunglasses: you'll be wearing these all day every day, so make sure you have at least one back-up pair. Leave your expensive shades at home and opt for some cheap polarised sunglasses, which will help avoid glare from the ocean.
  • Hat: make sure you bring at least one, ideally two. It's hard to look sexy with sunburnt nose.
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  • Power adaptor: BVI has US powerpoints but our yachts are mostly European-made (yep, we're fancy) so they have EU powerpoints. Top tip: bring along a power adaptor that can adapt any plug to any powerpoint.
  • Phone charger: always an easy one to forget.
  • Portable battery pack: keeps your devices juiced, wherever you are.
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Tropical packing list hangover The Yacht Week BVI CREDIT James_Patrick-178_picmonkeyed

Medical kit

Tropical packing list hammock The Yacht Week BVI CREDIT Asa.Steinars_59_picmonkeyed


  • Travel insurance: make sure it covers travel to BVI and all TYW activities you plan to take part in.
  • Valid visa: the BVI is a British Overseas Territory. Check if you need a visa or have any entry requirements.
  • Passport: make sure it's valid for the entire length of TYW.
  • Spending money: $USD is the local currency.
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Tropical packing list group shot The Yacht Week BVI CREDIT Asa.Steinars_194_picmonkeyed

Leave at home

  • Hard suitcases: maximise space on the yacht by packing everything into a soft duffel bag (or similar).
  • High heels: boats and heels don’t mix well.
  • Heavy clothing: wool and denim takes a long time to dry.
  • Expensive jewellery: leave your diamonds at home.
  • Single-use plastics, water balloons and non-biodegradable glitter: bits of plastic in the ocean is a big no-no.
  • Bed linen and pillows: we've got you covered.
  • Bathroom towels: we provide these as well but we do suggest bringing your own beach towel.

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