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Yacht Week

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Posted on 7th September 2021

Our Head of Marketing, Annie, headed out on her first Yacht Week Greece this summer and is here to give you all the deets about the ultimate highlight of her trip. A night spent in Dokos.

"You’d be forgiven for thinking that amongst everything else Greece has to offer, a chilled night at the Dokos line raft, may be one of the smaller highlights. Well, sailors, I’m here to convince you otherwise. As a newcomer to the Greece route this year, Dokos is well & truly the thing I go back to on the commuting-post-holiday-daydream, it’s the night where you truly experience the magic of life at sea. 

1. Sunset hike 

With a couple of beers in hand & a soundbox in tow, grab your crew & your new pals and head up the hills to watch the sunset over our flotilla: have a boogie, get some serious “I <3 yacht week” feels & watch the colours change for red to purple, to orange & blue. 

N.B. For any budding photographers- this is the place for the timelapse.

2. Bio luminescence midnight swim 

When else but on holiday, at sea, can you indulge in a midnight sea swim (skinny dipping optional). Swim out...let’s say the length of a swimming pool, and if you’re lucky, you’ll be surrounded by stars & not much else. But, start moving and the sea will start to light up with glow in the dark plankton. Definitely one for the travelling memory bank.

3. Pre dinner paddle board & dinghy spin 

Dokos is when you really realise why you didn’t opt for the standard villa holiday - you’re at sea! Instead of the normal holiday pre dinner game of cards, head out on a paddle board or, if you ask them really nicely, your skipper may take you for a spin in the dinghy.

4. Boat hopping 

By night 5, you’ll be starting to feel that “Week 28 2021 Greece” group vibes. With only the flotilla around for miles, this is the perfect night/afternoon (because how soon is too soon?) to show some love for your fellow crew members & host an old fashioned house, sorry yacht, party: get those playlists & games ready. Or even better, head to your pals on the Bali 5.4 who happen to be pretty good on the decks themselves…

5. Sleep under the stars

Of course, you can totally party til dawn but there’s something pretty magic about falling asleep under a star filled sky. Doze off to some party tunes or escape down the line raft for a quieter spot. Top tip which seasoned sailors will already know, the sun bed by the helm on the cats is definitely the prime spot."

Sound like something you want to get in on? We don't blame you. You can book your spot on The Yacht Week Greece 2022 on 16th September 2021.

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