Tahiti Party Themes

Yacht Week

By Yacht Week

Posted on 11th November 2021

If you know TYW, you will know we are big fans of a themed party, and we certainly don't take them lightly. Lets see what you will wearing be on your adventure through French Polynesia this spring...

Polynesian Chic

Once a week, très chic. Our Polynesian Chic party is the place to flaunt your fashion flair and shimmy in your stripes. Think Elegant beachwear galore. Dress to impress but dress for the elements- we will be dancing the night away with our toes in the sand.

Flip through a few Vogues and channel your inner debonair; this day is one for the photo books. Let's get inspired!

South Pacific

A new theme to the family, and fitting in nicely with our palm tree paradise. Take yourself back to the 1940s into a different world for fashion. High waisted two pieces, loose fitted shirts and some summer vintage patterns will give you the perfect look. If you get stuck, switch on 'The Notebook' to get yourself into character for an evening you will never forget. Let's get inspired!

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