8 benefits of booking a cabin

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By Yacht Week

Posted on 15th August 2022

While traveling with a bunch of friends can be an amazing wholesome experience, travelling with your significant other, brother or best friend from another mother can be both educational and relationship-strengthening. You learn a lot about each other in a short space of time. 7 days to be precise.

8 benefits of booking a cabin:

1. You share a common travel goal, purpose and… cabin

Committing yourselves to a 7-day adventure at sea sharing a cabin bonds you as a pair. You’ll learn to understand and adjust to each others limitations- spacial and otherwise. Your strengths and weaknesses. Your likes and dislikes. It's all about compromise. You’ll soon be communicating as clear as Skipper and Host.

2. Two heads are better than twelve...

When it comes to making decisions. Since you only have each other to turn to, you’re able to reach decisions quicker over the important things. Which destination to go to, which yacht type to book, which pizza topping to go for, which hat to buy as souvenirs for your mum, sister and dog. Like we said, the important things. And splitting bills 50/50, straight down the middle takes less brain power too.

3. Only one person to ask forgiveness for…

When you eat the last of the Pringles. Sailing together and sharing a cabin offers plenty of room for mistakes to be made and flaws to be brutally revealed. However, with these challenges comes the opportunity and need to forgive each other quickly and move on.

4. Relight your fire…

Sailing as a couple opens up new and exciting chapters. If you’re sailing single - even better! You have the best wingman or wingwoman to hand to always vet your dates.

5. Emergency handling… 

When you run out of gin. Or fall sick. Or lose your glasses. No sail-cation is truly perfect. You and your cabin buddy are bound to hit a road block at some stage that can cause a little stress. No drama. These mishaps are the perfect opportunity to see how capable your pal is under pressure. Whatever the weather.

6. Insta-wifey for lifey…

When travelling as a two, you don’t have to rely on strangers with naff camera skills. Guaranteed, you'll end up with a multitude of profile picture worthy snaps to choose from that highlight your best angles.

7. What’s mine is yours…

This comes down to all of the nitty gritty things. Be it food, toothpaste, Riviera Chic stripes, Dockside Disco flares, dry-shampoo. You can always count on your other half to have your back.

8. Meet new people...

Being paired with other cabins on a shared yacht means that you and your cabin-mate will get to meet like-minded individuals from all over the world. By the end of the week you'll have a whole host of new friends to visit around the globe.

Just the two of you. You can make it if you try. Book now!

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