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Posted on 8th January 2024

Yacht Week is the home of connections, whether it be friendship, love or simply someone to share the ride with, you’re bound to meet someone new and for most, a new companion for life. So, we thought it was time to share the love and let you know about some of our favourite stories of connections in the Yacht Week community. Let's go ✨

Christen & Jordy

We all found each other through the Facebook crew finder page and joined the boys premium yacht for week 26! The boys all knew each other from growing up in Brisbane, Australia and then there were three American girls from Texas that knew each other and then there’s us, Christen and Jordan. We were traveling the world at the time and had always dreamed of doing Yacht Week so we added it to our agenda .

When we met in Croatia we INSTANTLY hit it off and knew we were about to have the best week ever - and spoiler alert, we did! We were the party boat all week and couldn’t have asked for a better crew.

After Yacht Week, we ended up meeting the boys in Barcelona and the boys got to meet Jordan's family and we got to meet one of the boy's girlfriends, Catie.

Fast forward 3 months, in October, we visited them in their hometown of Brisbane, Australia, and stayed with them and their girlfriends for two weeks and got to meet all their friends, even some of their families! They even took us to Moreton Island and Noosa and we had the BEST time ever !!! They even taught us how to surf.

When we came back to America, we knew we had to see our girls so we booked flights to Texas 3 weeks after returning stateside to see them in their hometown and spent the weekend with them and had sooooo much fun!

We have a group chat that we all still talk in but we keep up with each other through social media and know that we will 100% be friends for the rest of our lives! We are even planning a trip where the boys will come to America.

Morten & Sarah

Morten Teigen and I met in August 2012 South Route Croatia…since then we got married, started a yacht charter business in the Caribbean, had three kids, took our kids sailing in the Mediterranean for a year…TYW was the biggest turning point in my life and I’m forever grateful ❤️

Alexandria & Dylan

My fiancé proposed to me on the last night of our Yacht Week vacation. We were lucky enough to be surrounded by some of our closest friends, and we got to immediately celebrate with all of the new friends we made during the week. The amount of love and well wishes we received from the staff and everyone else we just met is something I’ll never forget!

Yacht Week isn't just about cruising the waves and hitting the party scene daily (although we're totally up for that too). It's about the individuals who turn your trip into an unforgettable tale, the kind you'll be recounting to your grandkids for years. We're all about crafting an experience that's uniquely yours. Whether you've got a full crew ready to roll or you're contemplating a dynamic duo adventure, consider this your ultimate cue to lock in THE journey, forge friendships that'll last a lifetime, and ensure that Summer 2024 becomes a legendary chapter in your book of memories.

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