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Each year, Yacht Week welcomes on board businesses from across the world looking to take their corporate trips to the next level. Will you match their ambition and unlock a wave of business benefits?

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Yacht Week: The Home Of Connection

Yacht Week is the perfect setting for corporate teams to strengthen bonds and foster collaboration. Embark on a tailored adventure designed to unite colleagues amidst the waves, offering a unique opportunity for businesses to enhance team dynamics through shared sailing experiences, exploration, and memorable moments on the high seas.


Sail + Explore

Experience seven days of shared adventures in paradise as you create memories and enjoy unforgettable moments aboard a yacht. Relax, set sail, and venture into the vast blue expanse alongside your cohort, fostering friendships that transcend the ordinary.

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Dance + Belong

Let loose. Yacht Week is a refuge for free spirits, soundtracked by laughter, love, and lush tunes. Deepen friendships. Connect. And join a community for life.

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You do business ventures. We do business adventures.

Create connections. Forge friendships. Create friends for life.

Recharge your crew

Celebrate past success and give your team the chance to let their salty hair down.

Come together

Create stronger relationships on the water, see the results when you dock back at base.

Attract more shipmates

Brand up your trip, create content and attract top new talent to your crew.

Discover what's on the horizon

Use the time to bring your team together and plan for the future.

How We Work With Groups

25-100 guests

For groups of 25 - 100 guests, we offer a concierge service to guide you through the booking process and coordinate your plans. Pick any existing Yacht Week destination and week and bring your group along. We’ll ensure you sail together as a group throughout the event, coordinating staff, meals and activities across the yachts. Group booking discounts start at 3 yachts, get in touch with our concierge team to find out more.

100+ guests

For groups of 100+ guests, we offer extra options. Talk to the team about creating your own route, with personalised itinerary coordinating staff, meals and activities across the yachts - as well as and optional extras to take your group experience to the next level. Large group discounts are available, get in touch with our concierge team to learn more.

Contact our concierge team

Our concierge team is here to help with building the perfect Group Experience for you. Fill out the form below and they'll be in touch to start your The Yacht Week journey.

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