Nothing Like The Real World

It’s not everyday you get to see the world from your own yacht, unless you’re a billionaire of course... talk about a gap in the market. The Yacht Week is seven days of sailing to hidden splendours most landlubbers couldn’t get to, experiencing exclusive events and, the best part, being completely surrounded by an equal balance of adventure-seeking guys and girls from around the world.

How to book in 5 steps

Round up the troops. Gather 6-12 friends for your own yacht. Or screw the crew and go as 2 in a cabin.
You can bring new mates into the mix with our Crew Finder.

Pick your paradise. We have seven stunning destinations to choose from… each hand picked for their endless sun, cultural diversity and serene seas. Our events are 1 week long and every destination has multiple weeks to choose from.

  • Croatia is home of TYW with big parties. 30-50 yachts.
  • Greece is sumptuous seafood and Ouzo. 15-20 yachts.
  • Turkey is the gateway to unspoiled Asia. 10-15 yachts.
  • Italy is food and wine amongst the jet set. 10-15 yachts.

Browse yachts. Our sailing yachts come in a range of sizes and prices suitable for all groups and budgets. Use our easy yacht classification system to help find the best fit for you and your crew. Read more

Select the number of guys and girls in your crew. There may be gender ratio requirement for your week. Find out more

Add a skipper to do all the sailing. They are your friend, guide and captain for the week.
Find out more

Add a hostess to cook and clean the communal areas. They count as a girl for the gender ratio.
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Remember, if you select a skipper or hostess they will sleep on your yacht, so make sure you save a spot for them.

Book. As the lead booker you are in charge of adding extras to the yacht, like the skipper, hostess, and – depending on the destination – food & drinks packages. It is in the lead booker’s power to add friends to the crew list.

You can split the costs with everyone added to the crew list, so all can pay their share. Pay in 3 instalments, 30% within 24 hours of booking, 30% within 88 days of the event and 40% within 58 days of the event. Or choose to pay it all at once!

Sail away. You’re all set! Check out the guide to TYW in your booking profile. A couple of weeks before the event you’ll get the route info and, if you selected one, you’ll be introduced to your skipper and hostess.

So stop twiddling your thumbs and...

Pick your paradise

What Are My Options?


6 - 12 people
€335 - €960pp

Browse Monohulls

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8 - 12 people
€450 - €1200pp

Browse Catamarans


2 people
€1155 - €1700pp

Browse Cabins

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“A way of life that you can't find anywhere else.”
Pierre, France

Explore Our Destinations

Our Skippers

Your own skilled seadog who knows everything about the yacht, the route and the event. The idea is to be all hands on deck, so be sure to help out your skipper friend when you can.

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Our hostesses

When life throws them lemons, they make lobster caviar frittata. Think of your hostess as an extra friend aboard the yacht who doubles up as a skilled chef. You can add a hostess if you have a TYW skipper.

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Answers To Your Questions Yes, we read your mind…

Most people who join The Yacht Week have never been on a yacht before. We provide skippers who will teach you as much as you want to know about sailing and help navigate your yacht throughout the week.

When you browse a yacht there’s a minimum ratio of girls required to book. We believe that a balanced mix of guys and girls is the key ingredient to an unforgettable week… and because equality is cool, read more.

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So, What are you waiting for?

Hook, line and sinker.