1. Pick your paradise

Our sailing events are staged in 6 destinations around the world

Caribbean BVI Route

event  Dec | Jan | Mar

From €777pp

Croatia Original route

event  jun | jul | aug | sep

From €600pp

Greece Athens route

event  jun | jul | aug |

From €700pp

Croatia Ultra Route

event  July

From €1150pp

Montenegro Adriatic Route

event  Aug

From €800pp

Croatia Dubrovnik route

event  jun | jul

From €725pp

2. Select Dates


Most of our events are 7 days long and typically start and end on a Saturday. Almost every day you’ll be sailing to somewhere new.



Our events in the Mediterranean happen during the European summer and then we cross the globe to host events in the Caribbean over Christmas and New Year.

3. Yacht or Cabin

YACHT FOR 6 - 12

We offer sailing yachts – think of it as a floating glamping trip with friends and you may get a better idea of the experience. Yachts can accommodate between 6 and 12 people. Our yachts have 3-5 cabins depending on the size.



The easy booking option. If you select this, we’ll select the perfect standard yacht for you at the best price. If you choose Premium or Premium Plus, you’ll hand pick your own yacht.

4. Choose your crew



Our yachts have 3-5 cabins depending on the size and sleep up to 12 people including the skipper and host (if you want one). Remember the minimum age for all of our events is 20 years old. You can use our nifty crew finder or join the FB group to help you fill up free spots on your yacht.



Skipper, mentor, friend, sea-guru. Whichever you’d prefer to call’em, your yacht comes with one! And trust us when we say, they’re the oracles of the sea. They know everything there is to know about our yachts, routes, docking and more.



Host, trained sea chef, tour guide and friend. They will take your experience to a whole new level by treating you to freshly prepared meals every day and even tidy up afterwards. Unlike a skipper, they're optional for yacht bookings.



We aim for an overall equal gender balance on all weeks because The Yacht Week was built on this principle and let’s face it, variety is the spice of life. The ratio requirement is the percentage of girls you need to have in your crew. This is calculated taking into consideration the balance of girls and guys already booked that week.

5. Pay & Sail away

30 days after
60 days prior
to trip

10%, 30%, 60%

Yes. You can guarantee the week of your life without splashing all the cash at once. You can pay for your yacht and cabin over 3 instalments. Find out what’s included in the price here.

Example cost €6,320


The yacht or cabin is booked by one person online. If you’re the lead booker you can invite friends to the crew list where each person can create their own profile and pay their share of the payment.


What will the itinerary of the event look like?
The exact routes are set a few weeks before the event starts. As soon as the routes are set, you will be able to view it on your booking.
Can I rent a yacht for only a few days?
We rent out yachts for the one week only. This is typically Saturday to Saturday, so even if you wish to cut the week short you would have to pay for the full week. In some cases (BVI New Year for example), the event may not run from Saturday to Saturday, so please check the dates carefully.
I need to arrive late / leave early, is this possible?
You can do so but you will need to organise transport at your own expense in order to either meet the yachts when you arrive or find your way back to the mainland when you need to leave. Ferry connections are good, so it isn't usually a problem. Just speak to your TYW skipper for assistance, or drop us an email to info@theyachtweek.com. The itinerary is set a couple of weeks prior to departure when you will be able to see exactly where the yachts are on your arrival/departure day.
34 days until bookings open!