The Yacht Week Explained

How it works

Here's some useful information to help you and your crew plan the trip of a lifetime.

Choosing destination

Our events are staged in 7 different destinations, each hand picked for their smooth sailing, stunning scenery and cultural diversity.

Selecting dates

Our Mediterranean events happen during the European summer and then we cross the globe to host events in the Caribbean over Christmas, New Year and Spring.

Clanedar with dates

Seven days

All events are 7 days long and typically start and end on a Saturday. Every day you’ll be sailing to somewhere new.

Events Throughout the Year

Mediterranean and Caribbean events happen during the European summer and then we cross the globe to host events in the Caribbean over Christmas and New Year.

Adding crew

There is an option to book a yacht for up to 12 people, or a cabin for 2. When inviting friends, remember the minimum age for the event is 20 years old.

Yacht 3 - 12 people Yacht layout icon

Booking a Yacht

We offer sailing yachts – think of it as a floating glamping trip with friends and you may get a better idea of the experience. Yachts can accommodate between 6 and 12 people.

Our yachts have 3-5 cabins depending on the size. All are equipped with a fully fitted kitchen including a fridge (stocked by you to your hearts content) and oven; double and single cabins, bathrooms with showers and a comfortable sized saloon (living room) which can double up as a cabin.

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Cabin 1 - 2 people Cabin layout icon

Cabin for 2

Bring a friend and join a yacht of other cabin bookers. All our cabins accommodate 2 people, either in the form of a double or bunk bed. Cabin bookings include the price of a skipper, hostess etc.

Traveling solo

We don’t offer single cabins, but you can join our Crew Finder to fill up a free spot on someone else's yacht. Crew Finder allows you to join existing crews, or helps you fill up free spots on your own yacht.

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Example floorplan

This is the kitchen/living room. The table folds out into a bed where the skipper and hostess normally sleep. These sleeping spots are counted in the max capacity.

Some cabins are fitted with a bunk bed instead of a normal bed.

All bathrooms are fitted with showers. But it’s always more fun to shower off the back of the yacht. Most bathrooms are fitted with pump toilets, some Premier and Premier Plus yachts come with flushing toilets

Most cabins have two berths (sleeping spots) in the form of a mini double bed. A yacht of 8 people will normally have 3 two-man cabins and a bed in the living room.

This is the kitchen/living room. The table folds out into a bed where the skipper and hostess normally sleep. These sleeping spots are counted in the max capacity.

Your captain, tour guide and friend for the week. You need to add a TYW skipper if no one on board can sail.

Whips up culinary treats throughout the week. You can only add a hostess if you have a TYW skipper on board.

Gender ratio?

What is the ratio all about?

We aim for an overall equal gender balance on all weeks because The Yacht Week was built on this principle and let’s face it, variety is the spice of life.

How does it affect my booking?

The ratio requirement is the percentage of girls you need to have in your crew. This is calculated taking into consideration the balance of girls and guys already booked that week.

Pro tip: Add a hostess to your yacht, she counts as a girl and will help balance your ratio. Skippers are neutral and don’t affect your crew ratio.

Browsing yachts

We have four different classifications of yachts to suit all crew and wallet sizes.


Represent good value for money. Highly practical sailing yachts. Slightly older than standard yachts and have less equipment but fitted with all the essentials.


Balance of luxury and affordability. Slightly newer than economy yachts with better quality equipment. More internal space than economy yachts.


Modern and spacious. Premium yachts have more internal and external space, perfect for tanning on the deck. Fitted with large bathrooms & powerful showers. Some come with AC and upgraded sound systems.

Premium Plus

First-class luxury sailing yachts. An upgrade from premium, with more spacious cabins and bathrooms. State of the art equipment and most are fitted with AC. Very limited availability and usually get snatched up first.

* Availability of yachts will depend on your prefered gender ratio, crew size and yacht capacity in destinations.

Planning & booking

Book now

If you have a good sense of where you want to go and when, you can book straight away and then invite your crew. It’s always best to book as soon as possible to secure the yacht and week you want.

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If you’re struggling to coordinate your destination, week and yacht with friends, you can use our planner feature to create your ideal trip and then invite your crew to join you. It’s a great way to synchronise everyone’s dates and see price estimations.

Start planning

Paying with ease

Yachy price chart

Book now, pay later

Yes. You can guarantee the week of your life without splashing all the cash at once. You can pay for your yacht over 3 instalments and your cabin over 2 instalments. Find out what’s included in the price here.

Yachy price chart

Split the cost

The yacht or cabin is booked by one person online. If you’re the lead booker you can invite friends to the crew list where each person can create their own profile and pay their share of the payment. Please note that the lead booker is responsible for making sure payments are made on time.

Booking example

Based on a standard yacht with a TYW skipper in our most popular destination.

9 friends . Croatia

Yachy example image

Jeanneau Sun Odyssey 439 Standard

5 Girls 4 Guys


Week 26 (25 June - 2 July)



Max 9


Yacht €3940 + Skipper €800 = total €4740


Per person (9 guests)