Croatia, Ultra Festival Route

Croatia, Ultra Festival Route

calendar July

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planeSplit Airport (SPU)

The only sailing experience with Ultra VIP

Experience everything The Yacht Week Croatia has to offer plus exclusive VIP tickets to Ultra Europe. Party at Ultra Europe, an iconic festival boasting the world's top EDM DJ's with unparalleled stage designs and top tier production. Share the Ultra Festival experience with 500 other Yacht Weekers from 62 countries in an epic week tailored for lovers of EDM, house and techno.

Yachts now online to browse. Bookings open 8th October - don't forget to sign up for early access.



Fast pace


Fly to

Split Airport (SPU)


Dance vibes

Ultra headline sets with TYW VIP access


Look, no hands!

Sail stress-free - all yachts come with a TYW trained skipper

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Feel the vibes


Day by day


The festival begins



Get your yacht checked in and then head to Split Stadium. Tickets? Check. Now go forth and join the party that is, the Ultra Europe festival.


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Our reviews


Mike Adams

TYW was a trip unlike any other I had ever taken. I didn’t know everyone I was on the boat with and that made the trip all the more life changing for me! I came away with some lifelong friends and plans for many more trips ahead!

Alyssa Andrade McCray

I loved the variety of the parties and events. The raft party in the middle of the week was nice to day party and sleep early aka catch up on sleep. The VIP area of Ultra was clutch and very appreciated!

Julio Navarro

This was the most amazing event I have ever been apart of. I have been on many trips and organised events, and this was by far the best. When my trip ended, I knew I had just experienced a life changing event that I was fortunate to have been a apart of. All of the parties allowed the crew members to get close, and become life long friends. Yacht week is truly amazing!