• Two girls sailing in the British Virgin Islands
  • Yachts on the night raft in Thailand
  • Two girls tanning on a yacht in Italy
  • Yachts sailing on the regatta race in Croatia
  • The Yacht Week circle raft party in Greece

Gather your friends, choose a yacht & get ready for the holiday of a lifetime

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Join us for Spring & June sailing in the Caribbean


Explore the 'land of smiles' with TYW this December

Cabin bookings

Book a cabin for two on a yacht equipped with a skipper,
hostess, food, TYW wristbands & all the extras!

What are the destinations?

The Yacht Week hosts summer routes in Italy, Greece and Croatia; a December route in Thailand as well as a route in the British Virgin Islands for New Year and spring.


How much does it cost?

The typical price per person is €400-600 depending on the yacht and destination you choose, and if you sail with one of our skippers or not. We do not provide flights.


Yachts Available

Pick a week, destination and browse our yachts to book what suits you best. We have a variety of high quality catamarans and monohulls and a skipper can be provided.



The Yacht Week gathers great people from all over the world and provides a unique experience of sailing and partying. Choose a destination, pick a week that suits you, book your own yacht, fill it with friends or other like-minded people from our Crew Finder and get ready for a holiday unlike any other.

Guided by a skipper provided by us or with your own, every day of the week you will visit a new island and every night we will host a party for our guests. Every day is exceptional. Every night is magical. Crystal clear water, fresh winds, regattas and yacht parties will make this the journey of your life.

Quote from Julia, Sweden“you wake up with the fresh air and the sea right in front of you. We sail all day, meet new people & dance … there is nothing better! The Yacht Week is not real life…” JULIA, SWEDEN

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