The Concept

The Yacht Week is one week of sailing with your best friends.
It's nothing like the real world!

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The Concept

The Yacht Week provides an exhilarating experience of sailing, regattas, entertainment and much more. Gather your friends and be part of an epic voyage on Caribbean waters in the winter and spring; and Croatian, Italian, Greek or Turkish waters in the summer. Join us by choosing a sailing week and a yacht to accommodate you and your friends.

We welcome sailors of all abilities and can provide you with an option to sail with a professional skipper. Affordable luxury combined with great people from all over the world and unforgettable events are what makes us unique. Every day is exceptional. Every night is magical. Crystal clear water, fresh winds, regattas and yacht parties will make the experience the journey of your life.

Starting from only €350 / person you can charter your own yacht!



Gather Your Friends - The yachts accommodate 6-12 people depending on the size of the vessel. You and your friends can book a yacht, with or without a skipper supplied by us.


Choose A Destination & Week - The British Virgin Islands for winter/spring; and Croatia, Greece, Italy and Turkey for the summer. Every event is one week long and starts on a Saturday.



Choose A Yacht - Yachts vary in size and price. Choose whatever fits you! Prices range from €350-2000 per person (average around €450).

Yachts & Prices

Minimum age is 20 years old