Destinations 2014-15


BVI Sandy Cay white sand beach - turquoise water - palm trees


Railay longtail boats lined up under moonlight and stars


Lipari port view with the mountains


Hydra restaurant and swim spot


Hvar night lights on the port

Ultra Europe

British Virgin Islands

Dates: New Year, Spring and June, 2015
Weeks: 1, 11-13, 24 (5 weeks)
Location: Caribbean Sea

The BVI's are a hidden treasure in the Caribbean. Here you can find the perfect mix of Caribbean style bars, including the legendary Willy T's (which is by far the coolest bar you will go to), amazing beaches and great company. Our events in the BVI's consist of around 20 yachts.

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Dates: 6th - 20th December, 2014
Weeks: 50-51 (2 weeks)
Location: Andaman Sea

In December of 2013, 100 yacht week veterans ascended upon the Adaman Sea with three goals: Explore, Dream, Discover. They explored the islands of Phang Nga Bay, dreamed of future Yacht Weekers walking in their footsteps, and discovered the brilliance of Thailand. For 2014 we are expanding the route to two weeks of around 18 yachts each and welcome all guests to take part in the latest offering in our destination portfolio.

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Dates: 18th July - 1st August, 2015
Weeks: 30-31 (2 weeks)
Location: Aeolian Islands, Sicily

This route explores the exclusive Aeolian Islands north of Sicily. Swim in crystal blue water, party with the Italian jet set, enjoy the best pasta and seafood you're likely to have whilst watching lava erupt from the spectacular volcanoes. There will be 15-20 yachts on this route.

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Dates: 4th July - 29th August, 2015
Weeks: 28-35 (8 weeks)
Location: Saronic Archipelago

During the Greek event you will experience a great mixture of sailing and partying in a picturesque environment with great food and company from all over the world. This event hosts 15-25 yachts for the perfect event in the most historic of settings.

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Dates: 6th June - 5th September, 2015
Weeks: 24-36 (13 weeks)
Location: Adriatic Sea

The original reasons for choosing Croatia as our first route are still calling us back year after year - truly great sailing, perfect conditions and spectacular scenery. We offer two routes (Black and Red), which visit the same destinations but in a different order. Both of these routes host up to 50 yachts.

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Ultra Europe, Croatia

Dates: 4th - 18th July, 2015
Weeks: 28-29 (2 weeks)
Location: Adriatic Sea and Ultra Europe Music Festival

The ultimate route for the sun-seeking festival goer: The Yacht Week and Ultra Europe combine to bring you a week of Europe's premier EDM festival, sailing, Croatian culture and all that is great about The Yacht Week.

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Dates: 18th - 25th July, 2015
Weeks: 30 (1 week)
Location: Aegean Sea

We welcome previous guests of TYW to help us explore the stunning Turquoise Coast of our latest destination with 16 yachts in the fleet.

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