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Posted on 26th June 2018

Jingo are the sequin-wearing, smile-spreading team of artistés and beauty experts that specialise in creating festi-fabulous looks with an assortment of glitter, henna and feathers. It made perfect sense having them aboard our FAIRground yacht this summer.   Jingo's in Croatia for 10 weeks this summer (lucky us!) And will have glitter booths at all on shore venues like the Riviera Chic Party and the Tropical Retro party, where you can be transformed into a sparkling sensation for free! She will also be roaming around the yachts at the circle raft with mobile sparkle, henna and ethical hair feathers for 200kn. Take a look at her sparkle styles for inspo.   We managed to catch up with Emily, main glitter extraordinaire and founder of Jingo, to get all the glitter goss.   How are you different to all of the other glitter girls that you’d see at festivals and events? The most important thing for us as a brand is that we have sustainability at the core of everything we do. Our ethical outlook and social responsibility is something that guides the whole brand and forges the foundation of our glitter philosophy. All of our materials are ethically and mindfully sourced, for instance, we only use biodegradable glitter. We think that that is just as, if not more important, than what we're actually doing. Being able to spread the word about being sustainable and making mindful choices when it comes to conscious consumption is the key for me.   What’s been your favourite part about working on TYW? My favourite part of The Yacht Week has been everyone’s openness to hypes and vibes! It’s incredible how friendly everyone has been. It’s reinvigorated my love for community spirit.   What is your glitter philosophy? My glitter philosophy? Oh my god, can you believe I actually do have one? I have a pack of “glitter rules” from my training days. As much as I'd love to, I couldn’t possibly give you all of the trade secrets. I’ll give you just one: big to small. That’s it, that’s the key. Actually, you know what, I’m happy to spill... The key to a good glitter look is the gradient. Cryptic but true!   What would you say is your favourite sparkle style? I think at the moment my favourite sparkle style is along the collarbones, with the drip down effect down the chest. However, this really varies depending on my mood and the theme. For TYW, I think collarbones is the way to go. Chic, elegant, and looks great with a bikini! I also love the petal face, it’s our signature Jingo look. Feathers are our thing and we love a feathery face.   Can you namedrop any cool people you've glittered? I don’t glitter and tell but I’ll give you some hints. A politician’s wife, a very famous chef’s daughter and the hottest girl in Made in Chelsea- I’ll let you decide who that is.   What has been your strangest glitter request? I’ve had 2 really good ones on The Yacht Week this week. Number 1: glitter eyebrows but as in wings coming out of her brows, which looked incredible and suited the carnival theme she had for the Regatta. Number 2: Half a neck. Very specific. Very niche, but looked fabulous!   What inspires you in terms of your creativity and glitter styles? I’m big into art; I like going to galleries and I find inspiration from all sorts of artists across all sorts of mediums, but mostly for the actual glitter looks, I get inspiration from nature, colours, and flowers, and you’ll see that in everything I do. My glitter vision is supposed to work with the contour of the face, whilst also being something that’s very organic.   What’s your favourite event that you’ve worked at, besides The Yacht Week of course? This is so difficult to answer because they’re all so different and so wonderful. My favourite festival would be Wilderness, which is set in the countryside. Imagine beautiful lakes that everyone swims in- sometimes nude, oak trees, archery, cycling through the estate; it’s quintessentially British, but with an incredibly diverse festival ontop. Loads of lovely food, good music, good vibes, I love it! And I love the crowd there, they’re all amazing! My favourite event on a different scale would be Glittery at Notting Hill Carnival in London, which is next level crazy but lots of fun.   What were you doing before Jingo? Jingo came about in the most incredible way. I was at university and somehow became known as 'the glitter girl' because it was something I liked to do for me and my friends at parties and at club nights. As a broke student, I quickly realised that I didn't have sufficient funds to go to the festivals that I planned on attending all summer long. So I bought myself an old decorators ladder, a rainbow parasol and I sent about 200 emails out to festival producers in the hope of good news. I was given a shot at one festival which was Somersault festival in Devon- it doesn’t even exist anymore it was that tiny! I had hour long queues the whole time, really proved myself and impressed the producer enough that she took me on tour for the rest of the summer. She took me to Wilderness, Secret Garden Party, Bestival, Camp Bestival, all of the big festivals in the UK. In hindsight, I was ridiculously lucky, but from there on in it’s just been a huge push to expand, smile and sparkle.   How long ago was that? Four years ago, it’s been a quick growth for sure! I was only 19 when I started but it was great because it meant I could employ my friends and have a lot of fun whilst making money all summer long. Making people smile and being at festivals is pretty much the dream.   How has glitter positively affected your life? Glitter has taken me to all sorts of incredible places and introduced me to the most incredible people. It’s given me a forum to do something I love, and make that my life. It’s meant that I don’t sit behind a desk. It means I don’t look at screens. It means I make people look beautiful, feel beautiful and encourage them to do beautiful things.   What’s your favourite part of glittering people? What do you get out of it? Honestly, I’m such a people person! It’s just being able to chat to people and hear a snippet of their story. When you’re face to face with someone for 5 to 15 minutes, however long it is, you’re pampering them, sparkling them up and you get to have this amazing insight into their lives. Like a tiny little window into a stranger. And the fact that I get to do that to hundreds of people pretty much every month is such a privilege. I’ve learned so many interesting anecdotes, life stories, lessons, I feel like - it’s funny someone once referred to it as a walking ashram- and I realy do feel that's a great representation.   What are your other passions outside of Jingo? I’m also a qualified yoga teacher and yoga is a huge part of my life. When I'm not glittering people up, you can find me out amongst nature. I like long walks, swimming, skiing, just being outside in general.   Where can you see Jingo going in the future? I want to continue to use the business as a platform to spread sustainable messages; to enhance the effect we can have as conscious consumers and to empower women around the world. I also want to create DIY jingo kits for at home.   ❤🌈✨🎉

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