5 Reasons to Book The Yacht Week Early

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Posted on 27th September 2019

We’re all for a little spontaneity every now and again but being pro-active has its perks. Why not grab them with open hands? Here's 6 reasons why you should book early for 2021:

1. Access the best yachts

And buoy do we mean the best. Be it you and your crew wanting either the biggest and the best yacht with air con and all the fancy features or perhaps, you'd prefer a cheaper yacht to save spends for piña coladas, white wine, that's fine, or whatever you'd rather? Either way, the answer’s simple. Book early to stay one step ahead of the game and bag your ideal boat before the rest.

2. Pick your own paradise 

All our destinations are cherry-picked to ensure you have an extraordinary experience. The experience of a lifetime. However, vibes may differ depending on the amount of yachts, local culture, night life, and sailing experience. For some, less is more, and for others ‘more’ is a crazy floating festival experience shared with 700+ people. The choice is entirely yours.

2021 routes:

Croatia, Original Route - the route of all routes

Croatia, Ultra Festival Route - fast pace - sail, party, sleep, repeat (x7)

Greece, Original Route - party by day, sunset sail by night

Montenegro, Adriatic Route - a soul-stirring sail-scape

Sardinia, Italy Route - Live La Dolce Vita

Read more about our destinations here.

3. Lock in your ideal week 

When there’s a big bunch of you, say 12? We understand how hard it is to coordinate holiday plans. WhatsApp group spam going off the charts. There’s always a certain busy-body with a diary fit to burst. Luckily for you, we offer multiple weeks to choose from for most destinations. But they tend to get snatched up quick. Booking early means your options are wide open and ready for the taking.

By booking early, you’ll know exactly what week you’ll be spending with your A-team out on the open water and you'll be able to permanent marker, not pencil, that date in your calendars.

 4. Fly for less 

It goes without saying that being savvy about flight times has a knock on effect on prices and pennies spent. A few facts for you:

From the US: The rule of thumb for traveling to Europe suggests that 90-100 days before trip start day is the best time to buy your ticket. This is the beginning of the “prime booking window”, which is the best time to book flights for high season destinations from the US.

From Europe: The rule of thumb for traveling to Greece/Croatia is to book as early as possible. Prices are generally very low but slowly edge higher over time.

From Australia: It’s generally best to book around 2-4 months before the trip, although when flying from Sydney prices stay fairly constant regardless of when you book. Overall, it’s much cheaper to travel early June and late August, and more expensive to fly early July. So much so, flights are often half the price of those in July. Mondays, Tuesdays, and Wednesdays are generally the cheapest days to travel no matter when in the summer.

Google Flights is a great tool through which you can track prices and book with confidence. We recommend using it! And remember, flying is not the only way to get from A to B. Have you ever thought about hiring a van with your crew and road-tripping your way to The Yacht Week? We’re all for saving and embracing #vanlife.

5. More time to shell out   

Don’t take the main hit all at once; book early and, thanks to our spectacular payment plan, you can pay in instalments up until you sail. Guarantee your favourite floating home by paying just 10% upfront.

Side-note: the lead booker is responsible to ensure all payments are paid on time.

So, if you want first dibs on all the best yachts, dates and routes, ready your crew to book! The best way to soak’n’float carefree next summer is to book before the rest. There's no such thing as being too keen. 2021 bookings open October 8th. Make sure you've signed up here for early access to those all important Early Bird Bookings.

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