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Posted on 12th February 2020

Romantic stories from The Yacht Week CREDIT The Yacht Week (1) We bring together amazing experiences, incredible destinations and adventure-loving people from around the world. So it isn't surprising that sometimes sparks fly on The Yacht Week. We chatted to a few couples who have found love on our truly life-changing week.

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Romantic stories from The Yacht Week CREDIT Adam Runge

Adam and Sarah

Sarah and I met on The Yacht Week Greece in 2017. On day three, our boats pulled up next to each other as our fleet created the infamous circle raft. Our groups hadn’t yet crossed paths but as soon as Sarah and I saw each other we were both immediately drawn to one another. I invited Sarah and her friend to join us on our boat and from there, we were pretty inseparable for the rest of the week. We got to know each other in a really fun, adventurous and beautiful setting - our first date was on the edge of a cliff in Hydra at sunset overlooking the water! We spent a grand total of five days together before parting ways.

Since The Yacht Week, our lives have mostly been spent apart but we’re both firm believers of 'when you know, you know' and so for two years we did long distance. Flying backwards and forwards from country to country, travelling the world together and making it work. In March 2019, I popped the Q on a deserted beach along the Great Ocean Road, outside of Melbourne Australia. Fast forward to today, we are planning our wedding in New Zealand for 2021 and we’re lucky to call Laguna Beach, California our home. The whole thing was pretty whirlwind but it has definitely made for a great story! We have The Yacht Week to thank for our picture-perfect beginning.

Romantic stories from The Yacht Week CREDIT Danny Germain

Danny and Taylor

Taylor and I met on The Yacht Week Croatia in August 2018. She was a guest travelling with some friends from Las Vegas and I was the videographer that week. She asked Andy and Nash, who were the 'hype' guys working that week, who I was after seeing them chat with me. The next night was the Tropical Retro party at Fort George and after filming was done, Taylor and I spent the night together. After that, TBH we were both thinking this a one night stand, with no thought about what would happen after TYW. I left straight after the closing party for the airport to make it back in time for my friend's wedding.

Later that day, Taylor messaged me saying she’d changed her flights and was coming to London instead of Greece as she's originally planned. I have to thank Andy and Nash again for convincing her that Notting Hill Carnival far exceeded any enjoyment she may have found in Greece. Our romance lived on for another few days in London, followed by us meeting up in Amsterdam where she went to meet up with friends. We said our goodbyes, wondering if we’d ever see each other again. A week later, I suggested that I should move to Las Vegas. Luckily she said yes and in November 2018, I relocated to Sin City and have never looked back!

Romantic stories from The Yacht Week cover CREDIT Catherine Marks _ Monday Never Cat and Will

I still can't believe how much a romance on The Yacht Week changed my life! I went on TYW BVI in the spring of 2011. I'd never been on a yacht before and was sailing with a crew from NYU's Stern School of Business. While there, I met TYW skipper, Will. A fling led to romance, a long-distance relationship, and a wedding in 2014. Thanks to The Yacht Week for successfully playing cupid on what was truly the best week of my life to date!

What's even cooler, I went from having never sailed to spending an entire year sailing around the Caribbean and Bahamas in 2015. Will and I bought a boat and started our trip with a recreation of our TYW experience. Since then, our love story has continued to evolve. We welcomed our first child and latest crew member, Madeleine, into the world in December while simultaneously buying a new boat for our next sailing adventure. So exciting times for our family!

Romantic stories from The Yacht Week CREDIT Sean Knowles Sean and Jess

In 2012, my friends and I joined The Yacht Week Croatia as part of our backpacking trip after graduating college. On the second night, we realised that our neighbouring boat was full of Australians. This is how I met Jess. We ended up spending most of the week bouncing back and forth between our two yachts, spending lots of time getting to know each other. It sounds really cliché (and I almost cringe typing it) but by the end of TYW, I felt like I had known Jess as long as all my friends. While we both acknowledged the connection was pretty crazy, we also realized that The Yacht Week really is 'Nothing Like the Real World' and figured each other would ultimately become a highlight from a week of awesome memories.

However, fate and circumstance had other ideas. Both our groups of friends stayed on in Split for a few days and then we ended up meeting up to travel together after my friend went home. After that summer, we kept in touch and the following winter, Jess made a detour (at my suggestion) on her Europe trip via Boston to see me. Then I took an internship in Australia the following summer so I could be closer to her. Eventually, Jess moved to the US and in early 2018, we were married in Hawaii. Together we've had a pretty crazy ride and it all started with the experiences first made possible by The Yacht Week.

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