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Posted on 26th February 2020

Sun loft 47 side view CREDIT The Yacht Week Here at TYW, we're REALLY passionate about yachts. After all, we've been throwing the world's most unforgettable yacht party every summer since 2006. We decided to pour everything we've learnt about The Yacht Week into designing our dream yacht. One that would be perfectly tailored to maximise TYW experience. Making our dreams come true has always been our vibe (after all, that's how we got started), so we went and made our designs a reality. Allow us to introduce you to the Sun Loft 47 - tailor-made for The Yacht Week. Here's why it's so perfect for your unforgettable week on the water.

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Sun loft 47 sun deck CREDIT The Yacht Week Above deck

We moved everything you need during the day above deck, so you don't have to move. The Sun Loft 47 has an ultra-roomy rear area (cockpit) that comes in at 4.2m wide. Switch this chill/sunbathing zone easily between dinning and lounging by converting the two tables into sofas.

Covering this space is an extra-large removable awning that opens up when you're ready for some rays and closed for shade when you're baked to perfection. Opening up from the cockpit is a swim platform, so you can step down easily from your yacht into the water - or just hang out on the end of the boat with your feet in the water. Sun loft 47 swimming platform CREDIT The Yacht Week The most exciting change we made with the Sun Loft 47 is that we moved the kitchen upstairs. Now you can cook all your meals above deck al fresco and not miss out on any of the fun. The open-air galley kitchen is 2.5m wide and adjoins your sunbathing area so you can skip across to grab a drink from the kitchen in a matter of seconds.

Speaking of chilling, this yacht has four extra-large fridges and freezers so you can keep your beer and rosé cool all day long. Plus, this is the only boat on TYW with fresh drinking water. Forget all those plastic bottles - there's a 300-litre tank just for filtered drinking water to keep you hydrated. The outdoor kitchen also has ample workspace, storage, sink and a gas stove plus hot plate, so you (or your host) can whip up a tasty dinner for your crew while watching the evening sky turn pink. Deliciously dreamy. Sun loft 47 galley kitchen CREDIT The Yacht Week

Below deck

Putting the kitchen above deck means it's extra roomy below. This means cabins for everyone - no more sleeping on the sofa bed. The six cabins are larger than yachts of a similar size and each one comes with a fan (hallelujah!). There's space for 12 guests, with five double cabins and one bunk bed cabin. Each one has storage aplenty, with room for all your party outfits and late-night snacks.

There are also four showers, with the four cabins at the front sharing two bathrooms while the two cabins at the rear containing their own en suite. Don't worry about running out of water - the Sun Loft 47 has 75% more water available just for showers than yachts of a similar size. This is thanks to a separate 700-litre tank, so you can wash away all the saltwater (or hangover) when you need. Sun loft 47 layout CREDIT The Yacht Week

Extra tech

We know that music is an essential part of TYW so we made sure you have the most powerful sound system onboard. Blow the other yachts out of the water with 600 watts of sound - that's more than double what they have! There's also a Fusion radio with Bluetooth in the galley kitchen plus USB sockets above deck and in all the cabins, so you can keep your devices juiced.

Want to experience the Sun Loft 47? Find it this summer on our Croatia Original, Croatia Ultra and Greece routes! Sun loft 47 swim view CREDIT The Yacht Week

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