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Posted on 3rd February 2020

Live your best life party floating CREDIT The Yacht Week_Chris_Economou-6 Hello February. Wow, you came around quickly! It feels like only yesterday we were sharing our Top 9 for 2019 and promising to be our better selves in the new decade. But somewhere between Veganuary, #Megxit and new seasons of Sex Education and Sabrina, a twelfth of this new year is already over. Yikes. So now that you've cleared all your failed resolutions out of the way, what is your actual plan for this year? How are you truly going to live your best life in 2020? It's time to think seriously about the next 11 months because trust us: this is YOUR year.

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If not now, then when?

If your Instagram is full of saved inspo with all your dream adventures, ask yourself: what's really stopping you? Study, money, friends, family, partners, jobs? It's so easy to think of reasons why you shouldn't do something. It can turn into one loooooooong old list if you focus on finding reasons to stop yourself.

The reality is, you probably have fewer restrictions now then you'll ever have in the future. Actual freedom to do what you really want - without compromising for someone else or worrying about people who depend on you. So if you've previously taken a leap to make things happen in your life, then you've already learnt that there's always an opportunity if you genuinely want it.

Challenge yourself to think of reasons why you SHOULD make the most of this year. It's true that you'll only be this age once and you'll never get another shot at 2020. It will feel great to look back in December and know that you made things happen. Plus, who knows what will be different in your life by this time next year? It's very easy to think 'one day', but you can spend the rest of your life in this mindset.

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Dream big and start planning

Did you reach the end of 2019 and feel like it slid by without ticking much off your bucket list? Sounds like you need to make a plan. Ask anyone who seems like they are proactive about making things happen for themselves and they'll tell you that it's part of their plan.

You don't need to think about the next five years, you simply need to think about this year. Dream big! Where do you want to go in 2020? What do you want to experience? Who do you want to take with you? If you aren't a natural planner, start small with something achievable in the first couple of months, with an even bigger plan in the summer.

Think about what you need to do to make these dreams really happen. From organising dates with friends to booking in advance, most things worth doing need a little advance planning. Plus, the earlier you know what you're going to do, the sooner you can start saving for it. It's so much better to spend a couple of months getting the money together for a big adventure than suddenly trying to find it the week beforehand.

Having some goals to work towards also has an amazing effect on your general wellbeing. By making some exciting plans for the rest of your year, your outlook on life will improve, which can really boost your mental health and the way you deal with the daily grind of study or work. The little things matter less when you know you have something amazing waiting for you in the future.

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Enjoy your summer

Ah yes, summer. Can you remember what that feels like? All sunshine, t-shirts and good vibes. We spend so much time looking forward to the warmer months but then they always disappear so quickly too. The best way to live your best life this summer is to start planning it now. Get your squad together and find your dream adventure now. Don't let this summer escape you.

Even just one amazing week with your friends, seeing a new destination and having new experiences will make your whole summer unforgettable. Not only will you have something incredible to get excited about for the coming months but you'll finish the summer knowing that you made the most of it. Plus, just imagine how amazing your Top 9 will look at the end of 2020! Your Insta will be filled with envy-inducing shots of you looking fab in some sun-drenched location... #justsaying

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Make this your TYW year

Whether you're dreaming about island-hopping in Greece or dancing your ass off at ULTRA Europe Festival, The Yacht Week has everything you need to plan your dream summer vacation. Imagine spending seven days #livingyourbestlife on an actual yacht, hanging with your squad, making new friends and sailing around incredible locations where summer never really ends... Honestly, we challenge you to tell us of a better plan for your summer! Live your best life festival CREDIT The Yacht Week_Juan_Moncayo_250 2020 is an unmissable year for TYW. ULTRA Europe have announced their lit line-up and we are itching with excitement! Afrojack, Armin van Buuren, Galantis - need we say more? Speaking of DJs, we're hyped that Fabric London legend Weiss will be back with us again for Week 33 in Croatia this year. Apparently, his summer had to include our Buzz Boat again, so how could we say no? Plus, he'll get to try our new MASSIVE paddleboards on our Croatia route - it's really what summer is all about. Live your best life limbo CREDIT The Yacht Week Thinking about Greece? For the first time, this route will be stopping in the picturesque Bay of Mandraki, where our DJs will get the party going in its turquoise coloured waters. Plus, we're finally returning to the breath-taking island of Hydra, whose ancient city has been perfectly preserved due to its car-free lifestyle (it's the only Greek island without vehicles). Unsure Greece is for you? Take a look at these photos. Live your best life party floatie CREDIT The Yacht Week_James_Patrick-226_picmonkeyed If you're crazy about your yachts, then you'll be so hyped to know that we have the Bali 5.4! The biggest yacht you could ever party on at TYW and it is brand new for 2020. Plus, we also have the brand new Sun Loft 47, whose upstairs kitchen is so glam, you'll feel like you're recording your own YouTube cooking show in paradise. Don't know your yachts yet? Read our guide to get the lowdown on the perfect boat for your dream summer adventure. Live your best life squad goals CREDIT The Yacht Week_Chris_Economou-482 Ready to #liveyourbestlife with The Yacht Week? Check out our incredible destinations and make this your TYW year.  

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