DUCCI (Kevin Banducci) knows that music is a personal experience and never forgets where he comes from when curating his sets- seamlessly uniting the essence of Motown funk and house from his hometown Detroit with the heart and soul of New York City where he currently lives. DUCCI has quickly surged up the ranks as one of New York's premier music selectors.  Having immersed himself in the city’s ever changing house music scene, he has cultivated his musical palate through the energy and excitement of Brooklyn's surging nightlife.

DUCCI's love of both past and present dance music allows him to curate a timeless collection of tracks that are guaranteed to get any crowd emotionally invested from start to finish. His growing notoriety has developed into a showcase and celebration of fad-free, no-frills dance music experiences. Aside from his bookings with The Yacht Week, you can hear DUCCI spin at some of NYC’s premier venues such as Elsewhere, Freehold, Make Believe and more.