Fashion / Swimwear


Eco-friendly Colombian swim, beach and activewear always with a sprinkle of MAAJIC!

Fashion / Eyewear


If you want your sunglasses to look just like everyone else’s, Duty Free is your best bet. But if you back yourself as a bit of an adventurous spirit, allow us to introduce you to Blenders.

Environment / Activism

Aegean Rebreath

Funded by local divers in Greece, this grassroots non-profit have made it their mission to clean up the sea beds of the Aegean Sea. Last year, they pulled over one tonne’s worth of marine litter off the Poros Marina alone, helping to preserve the natural habitat of marine wildlife.

Fashion / Swimwear


Kick back, relax and leave it to a couple of Aussie dudes to kit you out this summer