Denmark | DJ | Producer | Songwriter

Formerly known as Bladtkramer, the Danish-born, London-based DJ, music curator and producer Klynk turned humble small-town beginnings in to a successful DJ career in the house and techno scene of Copenhagen. A relentless work ethic and dedication to his craft saw him elevate to residencies across the globe including America, Croatia, Greece, Montenegro and more.

In the years since, he has performed for some of dance music's biggest brands such as Mixmag, Toolroom, Ultra Music Festival, Ministry of Sound and supported some of the biggest names in the industry, a list so numerous, we’d rather not weary you with namedropping, but instead focus on what Klynk is all about – performing. In terms of technical ability Klynk is world-class DJ layering tracks, acapellas and samples from a musical library of incredible depth and variety. His “4 faders up” mixing wizardry and ability to build the right set for the occasion, sets him apart from the pack.

A Yacht Week legend, Klynk has seen it all and can mix it all. Don't sleep on seeing one of our longest-standing residents curate an exceptional set at every event he plays.