The Official Yacht Week Party - Amsterdam - 17th December 2011

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Posted on 14th December 2011

[teaser]The Official Yacht Week Party - Amsterdam [/teaser] [fancy_header]Party Time[/fancy_header] May we propose you to The Yacht Week? This should be your first impression: Sailing on boats over 12 feet long along the coasts of Croatia, Italy, Greece, Turkey and the British Virgin Islands. On Saturday December 3rd @ 20:00 Yacht Week opened their booking systems for summer 2012 sailing events. Over 400 yachts were booked after just a few hours - Book your yacht before its too late! The Yacht Week on December 17th will take over Jimmy Woo in Amsterdam. After London, Stockholm, Copenhagen, Paris, Brussels, Helsinki, Milan, Madrid, Zurich and Bucharest this will be our first party in The Netherlands. We will be also including our Summer 2011 Yacht Week DJ's: [fancy_list style="star_list"]
  • Terry Toner
  • Claire & Sheila Hill
  • Fred & Mikey
  • The Popes
  • The Pony Tails
  • The Second Sense
  • Epic & Ginger

Pictures of the night at Jimmy Woo will be posted on The Yacht Week Dutch page and will reach our Dutch tabloids as well. You do not want to miss it! Come to The Official Yacht Week Party in Amsterdam! To reserve tables, do it fast because there are only a few left (from € 400, - each). Regular tickets are € 15 and this is an evening you do not want to miss, so make sure you have arranged a ticket in time! Looking forward to see you all at The Yacht Week Official Party in Amsterdam!! Everyone is welcome!

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  • Date: Saturday 17.12.2011
  • Time: 23.00
  • Club: Jimmy Woo
  • Dresscode: Navy Nightlife / Marine
[/fancy_list] [/fancy_box] [fancy_link link=""]TYW The Netherlands FB-page[/fancy_link]

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