Will You Find Your Next Valentine On The Yacht Week?

Given that we bring people from all over the world together for a week of sun, sailing and sumptuous partying it is of no surprise that the foundations of many a relationship have been made on The Yacht Week. We could never tire of this and it always brings a smile to our faces to hear a story from a happy couple thanking The Yacht Week for making it possible for them to meet. We recently received this email from one such happy guest who will, no doubt, be enjoying Valentine's Day: '...week 34 Croatia South changed my life... Hvar day party was out of control, I wake up smiling every morning because of it! Dating a girl I met on Yacht Week, we are still going strong, doing long distance from Toronto to New Jersey... and I would personally like to thank The Yacht Week for bringing us all together!' The question is... will you find your next Valentine on The Yacht Week?