DAY 2: Nautical Nomenclature

April 1, 2012

The Yacht Week team is composed of creative and determined individuals that each contribute a significant part to making the company unique.  Whether it be event planning, public relations, business or customer relations, The Yacht Week would not be what it is without a diverse group of people and ideas...

The skippers also form a huge part of the team, but amongst themselves they are a brotherhood.  Together they breath, sleep and dream about sailing.  It is apparent throughout the event when groups of red polos written with 'Skipper' in white on the back are seen constantly together discussing the wind conditions or funny moments with their crews.  They are the knowledge behind the sport and what form the actual sailing part of the company.  That is why last year I specifically remember my skipper telling me, “It would be cool to see the crews know a bit about sailing before coming to The Yacht Week, that way I can teach them, first hand, a bit about the sport.” 

So I took the hint and made a small dictionary of key sailing terms to learn before hitting the ropes, after all this is The Yacht Week... it wouldn’t hurt!

Straight from the Skippers: The Most Important Sailing Terms to Know


  • Tack: A procedure to turn through the wind
  • Jiybe: Opposite of tack
  • Running: Having the wind from the back
  • Starboard: Right of the ship
  • Port: Left side of the ship
  • Main Sheet: The main sail that is attached to the mast
  • Mast: The most vertical support system of the sails of the boat
  • Boom: The horizontal part that sticks out from the mast
  • Jib: The shorter sail that will always be in front of the mast
  • Fenders: Marshmellow-like protection devices that hang from the sides of the boat to keep the boat from scratching while going into the harbors or next to other boats
  • Mooring line: A rope connected to a concrete block or anchor that attaches the bow of the boat in place
  • Bow: The furthest front part of the boat
  • Stern: The back part of the boat
  • "Get ready for attack": Turning through the wind, (be aware of water balloons flying through the air)
  • Regata: A race of many boats
  • Trim: Pulling in the sail
  • Release: Letting the sail out


Day 2: Portugal, Denmark and the USA comes to YOU!

Name: Francisco Leotte, Instructor

Age: 40

Nationality: Portuguese

When did you start sailing: 8 years old

Dream crew: A mixed group of sporty people from all over the world who are not lazy and have a good sense of humor

Sweet or salty: Salty

When you're not sailing: I'm on land, I live on the water so I'm always dreaming of my next destination to sail

Best trip of my life would be: Sailing across the Pacific alone and ending up in Fiji


Name: Kristian Pettersen, Trainee

Age: 30

Nationality: Norwegian

When did you start sailing: 10 years ago

Scariest sailing experience: Hitting a rock in Oslo, overestimating my strength in too shallow of water while the boat remained teeter tottering on top of a rock. I almost considered telling my crew to get out of the boat... at least there was nice weather

Dream Crew: Happy people who smile with a bit of experience


Name: Daniel Monroe, Trainee

Age: 24

Nationality: American

Best sailing experience: Sailing on a lake with an inexperienced crew where I was able to maneuver a capsized boat all on my own, while at the same time being able to give a course on emergency sailing!

Dream destination: Thailand