DAY 8: Waterfalls and Fresh Mussels on TYW

Waking up at 6 am almost everyday guarantees two things at The Skipper Academy - a long day of practice on the boats and an exciting adventure. At Skradin, on the North Route of the Croatia event, you will experience a sail that will begin from the sea, guide you through a river and up to a massive spectacle of waterfalls.  On our way up the river we sailed through what I would call Mussel Lane, a stretch lined with mussel beds where you will be able to stop and buy fresh mussels to cook for dinner.  All boats decided to stop one by one to collect the Croatian mussels from the local farmer. The skippers were in awe at every step of the way. A flock of swans swimming between the sail boats greeted us upon arrival to Skradin. The skippers decided to run up to the waterfalls instead of taking the easy way up on the ferry, making it that much of a better experience to plunge into an icy 10 degree water.  This was just another test of their manhood to check off on the list at The Skipper Academy. [margin10] [clearboth]