A Catch Up with the Greece Event Managers

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By The Yacht Week

Posted on 9th May 2012

We caught up with our Event Managers on the Greece route, Cecilia and Leo, to get an insight into what makes them tick and see why the Saronic Archipelago is so special and the most exciting Yacht Week event yet!

[image_frame style="framed" align="left" height="215" width="125"]http://assets.theyachtweek.com/wp-content/uploads/2012/05/Cece-1.jpg[/image_frame] TYW: Describe your journey to becoming involved with TYW. CECILIA: In 2009, I was working as a hostess for one of the charter companies in Greece that worked with TYW. I met William (father of TYW) early on in the season and I ended up working on the Crew Boat for 3 weeks that summer. My first week with TYW was also TYW's first week in Greece. LEO: I met William whilst helping out at a skipper school in Greece some years ago. Ever since, we have done many skippers schools together! [margin10] [image_frame style="framed" align="right" height="173" width="125"]http://assets.theyachtweek.com/wp-content/uploads/2012/05/Leo-3.jpg[/image_frame] TYW: Why is the Greece route so special? CECILIA: Greece has so much to offer on so many different levels: it hosts awesome parties, has beautiful islands and great sailing as well as superb restaurants to enjoy good local food with friends. As there are fewer boats than other events (approximately 25 boats each week) you get to know all the other crews so much better and you will meet everyone every night at the different events. You will make friends for life! LEO: The Greece route is so special because the atmosphere is like no other place. All the islands have their own spirit and feeling. Greece is known for the fact that so many visit only to never return as they fall in love with the place! Because of the number of crews everyone gets to know each other very well and have fantastic events like the dinner in Plaka where everybody is on one giant table! [margin10] [image_frame style="framed" align="left" height="166" width="250"]http://assets.theyachtweek.com/wp-content/uploads/greece/route/plaka/009.jpg[/image_frame] TYW: How is the Greece event going to be even better this year? CECILIA: As this is the 4th year TYW is in Greece (OMG have I been involved that long!? :P) we are always pushing to improve the event on the previous year. The Greece route was amazing last year, imagine how it will be with one more year of experience behind us! LEO: It's gonna have the best Crew Boat and crew ever! :P Kidding aside... a lot of effort has gone into making the logistics better and reduce the port obstacles to get a smoother, more enjoyable event. There will be some nice surprises as well! [margin10] [image_frame style="framed" align="right" height="166" width="250"]http://assets.theyachtweek.com/wp-content/uploads/greece/route/plaka/003.jpg[/image_frame] TYW: What would be your ideal day on the water? CECILIA: It would be sailing from Dokhos to Plaka, knowing that the party there is always great! On that trip there is also a good chance to see dolphins, which is always magical. And a mojito in my hand wouldn't be that bad either... LEO: Wake up around 9 and get up for a morning hike to the hill top over Dokhos. The view is spectacular there in the morning when the water is still and clear and the sun is not too hot yet - perfect for a Kodak moment! Then I would have a brunch and a friendly regatta with a few boats down to Plaka - the sailing to Plaka is always good in the afternoon when the sea is calm. Once in Plaka, play volleyball on the beach and then some drinks and showers, followed by the long table dinner and the crazy Greek club over 2 levels and a roof top! That is a great day! [margin10] [image_frame style="framed" align="left" height="188" width="125"]http://assets.theyachtweek.com/wp-content/uploads/2012/05/Greece-DJ.jpg[/image_frame] TYW: What music will you take along with you to Greece? CECILIA: Awolnation - Sail LEO: Some Mange Schmidt tunes, they make you happy! [margin10] TYW: Describe your favourite Yacht Week memory. CECILIA: Waking up on my first day on the Crew Boat in Greece, 2009, next to a soon-to-be great friend. We both had no idea what was going to happen and we both were so excited about being there. LEO: This video just epitomises it all for me... [youtube url="http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Ous5XmhHfaA" width="587" height="264" autohide="0" autoplay="0" controls="0" disablekb="1" fs="1" hd="1" loop="1" rel="0" showsearch="0" showinfo="0"] [margin10] The Greece event runs for 8 weeks between July and August. Don't miss this opportunity to sail the incredible Saronic Archipelago. Gather your friends and book your yacht now! [clearboth]

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