The Health Benefits of Sailing Part 1

The Yacht Week

By The Yacht Week

Posted on 31st October 2013

We can all agree that sailing is a semi-leisurely activity usually involving friends, food, drinks and amazing experiences, but have you ever thought of the health benefits you get out of doing it? The most obvious is the exposure to the great outdoors. Fresh air and sunshine surround us yachters, allowing us to breath in clean oxygen and soak up vitamin D, which most of us city dwellers lack. The salt water has healing properties, which helps cleanse those questionable cuts and bruises. Food is fresh, delicious and unique. Coastal people are generally praised for their diets, mainly because of the amount of seafood they eat (not just the amount of wine they drink). Fish have many beneficial properties such as omega-3 and fatty acids, which your brain and body need. When sailing, you can be exposed to the different delicacies islands have to offer and if you’re the adventurous type there are local markets where fresh seafood can be purchased. If seafood isn’t your fancy, there are stalls full of plump fruits and vegetables on every corner in harbour towns. What’s more, sailing is an escape from technology and everyday worries. Being immersed in technology on a daily basis is hard on you. From time to time it’s important to take a break and surround yourself with friends and like-minded people. While on the ocean, this is simple because the access to wifi or cell phone service is limited, which gets your eyes off the phone and allows you to realize your surroundings, talk with your fellow crew or read a book that’s been sitting on your shelf for years. So grab a group of friends, a book and take that holiday you deserve!
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