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Posted on 23rd March 2014

Thanks to BOE Magazine for their article on The Yacht Week and booking the ultimate summer holiday.

"We know that holiday planning can sometimes be a little stressful to say the least, so much to think about and so many choices – how can you make sure you are going to get the BEST of holiday experiences. Well here at BOE Magazine, we have taken away the hassle for you. Here are 5 key ideas and ways to make your summer getaway stress free."

BOE Magazine is featuring The Yacht Week

Learn all about the gear, the beach knowledge, the checklist and the mindset you need to make sure you have a stress free summer holiday and are perfectly equipped to nail life on The Yacht Week. To read the full article and see how you can get the best holiday experience, click here ...

"The hidden secret of Europe – The Yacht Week, Italy provides the ultimate week to relax, let your hair down, meet some interesting new people and even learn to sail (if you aren’t too busy chilling out watch the sunset)."

Although we do not run our Italy route anymore we have 6 other routes that will still leave you feeling you had the ultimate summer holiday. If you're looking for the relaxed life then our Montenegro or Dubrovnik route are perfect for those chill days. If you're more of a party person and are looking to eat, sleep, rave, repeat then get yourself to Croatia for our Original or Ultra route. Or you're the man in the middle and want the best of both worlds then our chilled day party vibe in Greece is the one for you. For more information on all routes visit our homepage.

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