10th Anniversary Party, London

The Yacht Week

By The Yacht Week

Posted on 28th October 2015

We told you we had been scheming something extra special for our 10th anniversary year... Well guess what? London was just the beginning. Waltzing through the dignified doors of The In & Out Naval and Military Club in St James’ Square was debatably more awe-inspiring than listening to the eargasmic crescendo of Adele’s new single. A truly momentous moment! Granted, the enjoyment of walking inside may have been due to the heavens opening seconds before the event started. London's weather stealing the spotlight once again. tyw_10_year--7007 But within a matter of minutes we were right as rain, so to speak, thanks to the white gloves holding out endless glasses of champagne served on silver platters. As much as the rain poured outside, so too did the Veuve Clicquot flow inside.


The foyer filled up quickly with an extended look-alike cast of the Great Gatsby; men looking ever-so-dapper in their black bow-ties and girls dressed to the nines in their neck-breakingly beautiful dresses and high-heels; neck-breaking for different reasons.

I mean who doesn't love a fancy dress party... But the real question is: do you love a fancy dress party more than the second guy? Impossible. tyw_10_year--51051

Employees, family, friends, skippers, hostesses, past, present and future TYW guests all hushed to the sounds of clinking glasses as the founders took to the carpeted stairs to deliver their welcome toast. Which quickly turned into a live comedy act with a hint of an inspiring presidency speech. Something only Swedes can do. Come to think of it, I don't know why they didn't also break into a "Happy Birthday to TYW" ballad? Maybe next time guys.


At 7pm dinner was served… And served it was! Seared salmon for starters, filet mignon for mains and death-by-chocolate for dessert. Did I mention the wine pairing with each course? A feast fit for a king I tell you! I heard one hostesses whisper she could cook them under the table. Brave call.


Once dinner was all said and devoured, guests descended the stairs in a wave of excitement. Met by 300 more who arrived for the cocktail party, bringing the numbers up to a festive crowd of 600 people all raring to go. It was now time for The Yacht Week to do what we do best - sail? Nope - partay. Yes, the ‘a’ in partay is both intentional and for added effect.


Another reason to skip down the stairs, and then pause for Fabian to take a photo, was because 100 TYW inspired bottles of Orillo Vodka awaited us downstairs and they weren't going to drink themselves! The vodka was great, but we think the labels were the best part. Yes, we're a little biased.. All hail Glenn; designer of everything that is TYW and a recently accomplished vodka label illustrator. You go Glenn Coco!


With The Yacht Week veteran DJs in the mix, it was almost as if every single person had the same hypothesis to prove: ‘You can take the person out of The Yacht Week, but you sure as hell can’t take The Yacht Week out of the person.’  The night's conclusion would be anyone's guess...


Yes, it truly was one hell-of-a 10th birthday bash! Thank you to everyone who came, saw and conquered the dance-floor.

Re-live all the shenanigans and find your new profile pic in the Facebook album.

Are you wishing you could go back and do it all over again? Well, I must be a genie in a bottle baby because your wish is granted! We will be going back to the future in true Stockholm style for a whole weekend of celebrations. (One #BTTF joke too far, ok enough now) The best part about that event is that we will all be sleeping TYW style on a massive steel ship. I mean honestly, you would just be silly not to.

Tickets and info about Stockholm are on the Facebook event.

See you Sweden.

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